Second hand vs. brand new family car?

If you and your family have been thinking about buying a new family car, one of the first things you will have to decide on is whether to buy it new or used. Although new vehicles come with warranty and perhaps more advanced technological features, used ones can actually make a more wise purchase, from a financial point of view. Regardless of the model you are interested in, whether is s the new 2017 Genesis g80 or any other option, here is why you should think about buying it used.


The first and most obvious reason why second hand cars will always remain a popular option for buyers is affordability. You might already have a personal car you drive to work, and just need a larger model as a family vehicle – so why spend a fortune on one, when you can save even half the amount and get the same car version? The initial price of used vehicle is far more affordable, and can fit within the budget of many more people.

Price depreciation

When buying a car brand new, its price will drop as soon as you leave the dealership. Due to price depreciation, purchasing nee vehicles is not exactly a wise thing to do. Perhaps after only a year of using it, you and your family conclude that the car does no longer meet your needs, and you might want to replace it with another model. In this situation, you will see how incredibly less money you will be able to get for it. With second hand alternatives, if you decide to sell, the price difference will not be that significant.

Insurance rates

If you do a bit of research, you will find out the insurance for older cars is a bit more affordable than for brand new ones. With a bit of pre purchase documentation, you can choose a family car that comes with incredibly cheap insurance costs – which can only be a plus.
Although both options come with their own pros and cons, if your budget is rather limited, you can opt for a second hand alternative without worries, as long as you are properly informed on the topic. Perhaps now, after understanding all the perks of buying a used car, you will give this option more of your thought, and save yourself a large amount of money – just to make your purchase from a reliable car dealer.