Conditions you need to meet to receive help from Pôle emploi

Those thinking about relocating in France should have nothing to worry about when it comes to job opportunities. Besides the fact that they have incredibly high chances to find jobs in nearly every possible industry there, the government also helps them in case they are left jobless. Pôle emploi is the institution that registers unemployed people and offers them guidance in finding jobs. At the same time, this agency also provides them with some financial aid. However, not everyone is eligible to receive unemployment benefits from Pôle emploi, so if you are interested to know what criteria you need to meet, read the rest of the article below.

You have involuntarily lost your job

The first and probably the most important criterion to meet in order to receive unemployment benefits from Pôle emploi is to prove that you lost your job involuntarily. It may have been terminated by your employer, due to an assigned contract or fixed-term employment contract, to resignation for a valid and good reason or by mutual agreement. Any of these situations would work. The only thing that remains is that you have to prove them.

You have to be registered with Pôle emploi

You can seek for the numero ANPE Seine Saint Denis on the Internet and go there as soon as possible after you are left unemployed. You will have to submit an application and provide the agency with all the necessary documents in order to be able to receive unemployment benefits and professional help to seek for the right job opportunity for you. Worth mentioning is also that you will have to comply with an established personal return-to-work plan.

You have to be physically fit for work and actively seeking a job

Another essential criterion you will have to meet is to prove that you are physically fit for work. A medical certificate from your family doctor should be enough for this phase. Also, don’t think that if you were confirmed to be eligible for receiving help from Pôle emploi you have nothing to do but wait for jobs to come at you. No! That’s not how things work. You will have to actively seek employment. The agency is only there to help you sharpen your job search skills and to maximize your chances to get employed again soon. But the hardest part is done by you.

You have worked for a specific period before going unemployed

Another important criterion to meet is actually related to your previous job. You have to prove that you have worked for at least 4 months in the past 28 months (or in the past 36 months in case of people over 50 looking for a job) before becoming jobless. Also, you will have to be below the legal minimum age at which people have the right to retire.

These criteria may seem strict, but they are actually easy to fit in. In case you need any help throughout this process, don’t hesitate to contact the nearest Pôle emploi and ask for more information.