No idea what to do with precious old stuff? Here are some ideas

When you find your garage filled with things you definitely don’t want to sell or give away there are options you should take into account. Of course, storage space is not infinite and you can’t simply ask friends or family to hold your things you don’t want to give away at their place. Firstly, you will have to sort out what you really need and what you do not. Holding on onto items you no longer use not even from time to time will do no good for nobody. You will have to think wisely about selecting what you have to keep and what you do not. Now, the main problem is storage. What can you do when your storage room doesn’t allow storing more items than it already does? Well, there is a list with solutions for your problem:

Public storage

Have you ever heard about public storage Oakland locations? These kinds of public storage services allow you to basically rent a room for storing your objects. It seems extremely convenient, isn’t it? Well, you can search for these in your area and pay the affordable amount they ask for in return for placing all your belongings you can’t fit at home anymore in a safe room.  Whenever you need the respective items you can simply go there and take what you want. This way you won’t have to worry about losing something or about having your objects damaged or stolen.


Placing your items online for exchanges might be the right option in case you simply own precious objects that you don’t use anymore but wouldn’t like giving away because of their value. You can solve this by exchanging them with objects you could actually need or could come in handy when you least expect it. Plus, the exchanges are usually made between items of the same or approximate amount of money, so you won’t be losing anything.


Donating your items might be something you won’t look forward from the very beginning because it means you won’t see them around anymore. But thing wisely – if you need to pay to store your objects you simply do not use anymore you are going to lose the same amount of money you would if you donated them. There are people or organizations who can actually benefit and prosper if kind people decide to donate their belongings. Even this might sound out of place and you definitely don’t want to lose the value those items possess, thinking thoroughly about this fact will make you realise there is no benefit in keeping these objects stored without any future purpose or any present utility in your life.

All in all, no matter how many items you own and have no idea what to do with, there will always be an option to make you solve your issue. It can result in either storing them for the rest of your life or finding them a good purpose for the future. The decision is up to you.