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Buying the right dehumidifier for your needs is not an easy chore if you don’t know what to look for exactly. Since excess moisture in the air can damage both your house and your health, you must choose a truly efficient unit and knowing the following 3 things will help you make the best purchase.

It should be large enough to handle the size of the room

The size of the dehumidifier is very important when it comes to its efficiency and it has to match the size of the room. A small dehumidifier will not manage to absorb too much air moisture because its pit will not be able to hold so much water. Also, a room with very wet air should have a larger dehumidifier with a higher absorption power so more air moisture will be retained.If you read some residential and commercial dehumidifier reviews, you will see that the commercial units are a lot more powerful and have a much bigger capacity.

When you shop for a dehumidifier, look at its capacity and the room size it can handle. Also, check the power absorption to make sure the unit will handle the large amounts of humidity it will have to absorb. For rooms under 1500 sq. ft, a dehumidifier with a capacity of 40 pints or less will work just fine. If your room is over 200 sq. ft, look for a unit with more than 40 pints and for large rooms over 2500 sq. ft., get one with over 60 pints.

If it includes a drain hose attachment, it will be more convenient

Large dehumidifiers placed in moist rooms like laundry rooms or basements where the air humidity is increased should include a drain hose attachment that will make it easier for you to empty the water container and will also make it safer to use. A dehumidifier that can empty itself in a drainage can be left unsupervised for many hours without the risk of overfilling and you will not have to lift the heavy container in order to empty it. Although many models come with a back draining option, the hose is not always included, so pay attention to this aspect. According to the latest commercial dehumidifier reviews, due to the large capacity of the commercial units, most of them come with a continuous draining feature.

The more features it includes, the better

Although this might mean a higher price, a dehumidifier with more features is more efficient and convenient. You will discover that a shutoff feature will come in handy in order to prevent the water from spilling, a humidistat will allow you to set it to work until it reaches a certain air humidity level, while caster wheels will make it easier to move around the house.