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Wedding décor falls maybe under the category of the most expensive elements one could invest in for such an event. However, witty people know that in order to have a perfect wedding and an astounding décor, they don’t have to invest plenty in these elements. There are easy DIY projects that will help you to create a certain romantic atmosphere, without exaggerating. Opt for tartan ribbon UK manufactured for creating that atmosphere and save plenty of money. Below we have some ideas that couples due to be married in the following months will surely enjoy.

1. Ribbon chair decorations

If you want to save money on your chair décor elements, you could use some long pieces of ribbon and create them yourself. The project is simple to accomplish, and if you have some friends by to help you with it, it will be done in no time! Pick ribbons in diverse colours that fit the colour palette of your wedding and tie then to the back of the chairs. They will create a fun and impressive atmosphere, and you will spend a fraction from the price you would normally pay for chair décor elements.

2. Invitation or menu ribbon ties

If your invitations or menus are not pleasing enough just as they are, invest in some ribbons that fit the wedding’s colour scheme and use them to tie your elements. They will make both look classier, and if a spotless wedding is what you are looking for, it’s the perfect alternative you have, without overspending. This idea could turn into amazing elements even the simplest invitations or menus.

3. Family photo display with ribbons

If you want to celebrate all the past couples in your families, creating an affordable ribbon photo display is the perfect occasion for doing so. Tie ribbons around the frame’s hangers and then beautifully display them at your reception in a special setup. This way, all the guests will see that not only you two are a beautiful couple, but that this is something that runs in the family.

4. Ribbon cake backdrop

If you are looking forward to putting the wedding cake in its best light, without overspending a ribbon backdrop is the perfect solution. On a rope, knot ribbons in different colours that also fit in the general colour scheme. Then, secure the ribbon backdrop in the back of your cake. This way, your photographer will be able to take some impressive shots!