Everything there is to know about like-kind exchanges and DSTs

Incorporating trusts in Delaware is attractive for many investors. Delaware is supportive of businesses incorporated in there, providing them advantages like great tax administration, friendly business climate, and refined business environment. There is no denying that the state is attractive from many points of view.

Owning interests in a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) is what should be on your mind. You can use the DST to participate in like-kind exchanges and defer taxes upon the transfer. Not only do you receive passive income, but also you can transfer the wealth to your family on a tax advantage basis. Are you curious to learn more about thins form of investing? If the answer is yes, continue to read.

What is a DST?

A DST structure is a pooled investment fund. What the Delaware Statutory Trust does is allow investors to put large sums of money into a fund of significant size, that is spread across many investments and is managed by experts. Simply put, a Delaware Statutory trust is a legal entity, created as a trust under the Delaware law, that qualifies for a like-kind exchange.

Using a DST in a like-kind exchange

If you are looking to sell a property for more than you paid for, you can use the Delaware Statutory Trust to defer paying capital gains tax. You do not have to wait for the real estate prices to go up before selling. If you are no longer willing to be a hands-on property owner, sell the real estate and relocate to warmer climates. Section 1031 of the IRC allows any investor to impede the payment of capital gains taxes that can arise from the trade of a business property. There are 3 steps to a like-kind exchange:

  1. Selling the property, that is the relinquished property and finding a Qualified Intermediary.
  2. Entering into an exchange agreement with the Qualified Intermediary.
  3. Receiving new property, in other words DST interest.

Like-kind exchange challenges

When using a DST to complete a like-kind exchange, you will come across some challenges. One of the hardest things is finding a replacement property. The replacement property has to be a like-kid one, which means that it has to be of a similar nature or character. It does not matter what grade or quality the replacement asset is. You do not have all the time in the world to identify the property. You have exactly 45 days to do so.

Another great challenge is successfully closing the purchase. If you are not able purchase a replacement property from a third party within 180 days, you will lose the opportunity to defer capital gains taxes. The like-kind exchange is therefore null. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to find an exact replacement. If the Delaware Statutory Trust owns a warehouse, you do not have to look for a warehouse. The replacement property can be anything from a factory to a vacant land. Do not waste your time searching for something that looks alike.

Want to enjoy a dining experience like no other? Read this

You want to enjoy the best dining experience and who can blame you. The whole point of going out to eat is to enjoy extra special food. Unfortunately, no dining establishments offer the experience you expect and deserve after all. Whether or not you are a food enthusiast, you need to find the best restaurant to enjoy a fine dining experience. Finding the perfect restaurant is far from being easy. However, if you follow our tips, there is no way that you will not succeed in finding the best place for food enthusiasts.

Use a restaurant directory

A very simple way to discover top dining establishments is to use an online directory. A directory is basically a location where top places are listed. To find a good place that serves good food and drinks, all you have to do is type your location. Within seconds, you will get many results. The great thing about using restaurant directories like http://www.clevergeekdirectory.com/ is the fact that you can see the details of the dining business. You can see what offers the restaurant has or what is in the menu. You can get a great deal of information about the restaurant business and food. What do you say about that?

Get out of the house

If you do not get out of your home, how can you expect to find a good restaurant? What you need to do is get on your feet and leave your house. You do not have to go from one end of the city to the other, just to roam around a little bit. You will be surprised to see that decent eating places are just a couple of miles away. If you prefer staying at home, you might as well eat leftovers. 

Ask people where they are eating

You are not fond of technology. Guess what? You are not the only one. Many people loathe modern innovations, despite the fact that they make their lives easier. To find the best restaurant out there, talk to people. Getting recommendations from real people is advisable. They know where the best places to eat are and they can even give you suggestions. But who to ask? Well, you cannot go up to just any person on the street. Ask your cab driver. Cab drivers are genuine knowledge resources when it comes to good dining spots. Call for a cab and when you have the chance, talk to the driver. They will be more than happy to share their secrets with you.   

Whether you are travelling or not, you need to find the best restaurant to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. If you use our tips, you are sure to find a good restaurant. Talk to people, get out of the home or just use a restaurant directory. Whatever you do is fine. Gourmet food is out there waiting for you, so do not wait for a special occasion to go out to eat. Gather your friends or your family and embrace the fine dining experience. 

Anchor text:  http://www.clevergeekdirectory.com/ 

Effective and relaxing strategies to learn German

It is always exciting and challenging to learn a foreign language, no matter how old you are. Many people choose to study German for different reasons. Whether you just want to learn something new, you go on a trip in Germany or you want to find a job and settle there, you have to find relaxing strategies that will not make studying boring and unpleasant. The tips below will help you learn German by yourself in an effective way.

Flashcards – a fun and enjoyable tool

Although people associate German flash cards with young ages, the truth is they are flexible and can be used even by students or adults. They are a fun and practical tool for both kids and grownups, making it easier to associate the images with the words that describe them. Find the suitable flashcards for what you need to learn and you will see improvements.

Use music, movies and videos as learning tools

Listening to music or watching movies are relaxing activities that we all do in our spare time. But how about actually learning and improving German with the help of these activities? Your brain will associate the images and lyrics with the language making it easier to learn it. You can use English subtitles in order to make things simpler.

Do not forget about the dictionary

The old-school dictionary is essential, even among the newest methods of learning German or any other foreign language. Whenever you forget or do not know a new word, you should rely on it. It is not possible to carry a dictionary with you wherever you go, so you can also download one on your phone.

Do not forget about reading

To learn a foreign language like German it is not enough to do only the things mentioned above. Reading expands your imagination as well as your vocabulary. You can start with simple books and as you progress, continue with complex ones. A good idea is to find the same audiobook in order to listen a native speaker while you read. Also, try to read articles with different themes to widen your vocabulary.

Communicate with native speakers

Whether you visit Germany or you have German acquaintances, try to communicate as much as you can in their language. This is a very good way to dig in the German language to find more expressions and slangs and to practice your pronunciation. Do not be afraid or ashamed to do it, even if you are not still an expert.

Tips for choosing a car that is right for your lifestyle

When it comes to buying a car, most people think with their hearts, and not with their heads. Is this such a bad thing? Yes, it is because they end up spending a great deal of money on vehicles that do not cater to their needs. If you are in the market for a new car, it is essential to consider what is right for your lifestyle. You cannot get a 2017 Honda Cr-V if you need a means of transportation suitable for family life. What you have to do basically is determine which vehicle type fits your lifestyle. This may seem simple, but in fact, it is complicated because there are many car models out there. Here’s how to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Set up a budget for your acquisition

Instead of making a list with cars that suit your lifestyle, you should be creating a budget. Automobiles can be expensive, which is why you need to set a budget. What you have to do is figure out how much you can afford to spend on a new car. Get out your calculator and determine your income and expenses. Next, see how much you can spend on a new vehicle. Just because you can afford to buy a premium brand like Honda, this does not mean that you should buy one. You still have maintenance and insurance.

Know the most common vehicle types

There are many types of automobiles that can meet your needs. These are the most common ones:

  • A coupe is a two-door passenger vehicle, less rear seat space, and virtually no trunk space. Why would you want one? A coupe has the best mile per gallon ratings, not to mention that it goes really fast. A car like this is suitable for individuals and couples.
  • Sedans are popular because they are stable and safe. In a Sedan, you do not balance as you do in an SUV. If you have a family with one or two kids, the Sedan is for you.
  • Vans, especially larger ones, are used for business. Even if you do not run a company, you can still get a van. These days, mini-vans are very popular for people who need to drive their children around.
  • As the name suggests, a sport utility vehicle is for the adventurous person. If you are ready for a harsh ride, get an SUV. A Honda CR-V will allow you to enjoy fun behind the wheel.

Know what your needs are

If an automobile has plenty of passenger space and rides fast, this does not mean that it is the best thing out there. You should lay emphasis on your own requirements. Think about what you is it that you need and see which car model on the model can meet those needs.

Second hand vs. brand new family car?

If you and your family have been thinking about buying a new family car, one of the first things you will have to decide on is whether to buy it new or used. Although new vehicles come with warranty and perhaps more advanced technological features, used ones can actually make a more wise purchase, from a financial point of view. Regardless of the model you are interested in, whether is s the new 2017 Genesis g80 or any other option, here is why you should think about buying it used.


The first and most obvious reason why second hand cars will always remain a popular option for buyers is affordability. You might already have a personal car you drive to work, and just need a larger model as a family vehicle – so why spend a fortune on one, when you can save even half the amount and get the same car version? The initial price of used vehicle is far more affordable, and can fit within the budget of many more people.

Price depreciation

When buying a car brand new, its price will drop as soon as you leave the dealership. Due to price depreciation, purchasing nee vehicles is not exactly a wise thing to do. Perhaps after only a year of using it, you and your family conclude that the car does no longer meet your needs, and you might want to replace it with another model. In this situation, you will see how incredibly less money you will be able to get for it. With second hand alternatives, if you decide to sell, the price difference will not be that significant.

Insurance rates

If you do a bit of research, you will find out the insurance for older cars is a bit more affordable than for brand new ones. With a bit of pre purchase documentation, you can choose a family car that comes with incredibly cheap insurance costs – which can only be a plus.
Although both options come with their own pros and cons, if your budget is rather limited, you can opt for a second hand alternative without worries, as long as you are properly informed on the topic. Perhaps now, after understanding all the perks of buying a used car, you will give this option more of your thought, and save yourself a large amount of money – just to make your purchase from a reliable car dealer.

Safety reversing sensors. What are they and what should you know about these amazing pieces?

Safety reversing sensors are amazing pieces of equipment that allow drivers across the world to increase their, their passengers’ and pedestrians safety. When reversing, there appear numerous blind spots, which cause the driver to be unaware about the conditions happening in certain spots. This is when safety reversing sensors come in handy. They will allow you to know if you are approaching to closely an object or person while reversing, which allows you to know that your vehicle, pets and garage door are safe at all times. However, let’s see what you should know about these sensors and how to fix potential issues that they might have.

1. You must perfectly align your safety sensors

For perfectly functioning, you must first make sure that the alignment of those two parts is perfect. Both of them are having LED light that indicate their state of functioning. The sending part will always show a LED steadily glowing, no matter the alignment or the obstructions between the two sensors. However, if the receiving sensor is unaligned, it will not function properly. To align them properly, make sure to remove the receiving LED light from the bracket. Then, point the receiving sensor in an opposite direction from the sending sensor so it is completely off. Once it turns off wait ten seconds, and then slowly align the two sensors and secure the receiving one in place.

2. Troubleshooting is just as important as alignment

Regular issues that appear with such sensors are incorrect wiring, a short in the wire or poor connection, which has as a solution adjusting the alignment. However, for bad wiring issues, make sure that you check for bad wiring between the garage door opener and sensors. If there doesn’t seem to be any kind of issues, make sure that you verify the wiring on the garage door opener. The simple white wires must be inserted in the white terminal, and white and black wire must be connected to the grey terminal. This is how a correct wiring must look like.
These are some relevant pieces of information regarding safety reversing sensors that all drivers must know. Make sure that you become handy enough to troubleshoot all the issues that might appear in terms or wiring, connection and alignment and you will have a flawlessly working piece of safety equipment.

Why is going on a fishing trip a great idea?

There has never been a better time to go on holiday to new and exciting places. Offers are always easy to find, you can experience a wide variety of accommodation options, not to mention try unique activities that you can’t enjoy on your average city break or beach holiday. One of the many alternatives that has emerged in the past years are fishing trips and boat holidays. Popular especially among fishing enthusiasts, boat charters Turks & Caicos are one of the top things you should try this summer. But there is more to fishing trips than actual fishing! Here’s why you should give them a go.

Relaxing getaway

Our lives are getting more and more stressful by the day and it can be quite hard to recharge your batteries if you go on a city break. After all, you want to see less of the things that stress you out every day, so cars and glass buildings all around will not make you happy. A fishing trip or boat tour, however, is different. You get to stay away from the noise of the city and take a breath of fresh air in the middle of nature. Whether you want to go alone or with your family, you won’t regret choosing such a serene location.

The beauty of sports fishing

Some people like baseball and football, others are really into fishing. It might be an uncommon sport, but it is a sport and Turks & Caicos is one of the best places to experience it. Many tour operators organize getaways here, so you can come alone or with your friends if you want to try your luck catching wahoo, yellowfin tuna or marlin. You’ll have to be patient, but, at the end of the day, you will feel accomplished and happy.

Try water sports

Boat fishing tours are definitely a relaxing holiday option, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t exciting activities on the menu. On the contrary, if you want to try something new, you can always have a go at water sports such as diving and snorkeling. This way, you have a little bit of everything included in your vacation and, when you come back, you’ll have plenty of impressive stories to tell your friends and co-workers. Who knew that going fishing could be so much fun?

Finding the right rubber stamp supplier

Rubber stamps can become an indispensable tool for your business, so if you have decided to order a set, looking for offers is the next step to take. Coming across an online shop that sells rubber stamps is not exactly difficult, but how can you know if you are choosing the right one? To make sure the Singapore rubber stamp maker company you go for will meet your expectations, and your money is spent wisely, here are the things you will need to consider:

Versatility of offers

Versatility of offers is one of the firs things you will need to look for. The stamp making company should give you the chance to customize the rubber stamps exactly the way you choose, putting at your disposal a wide range of styles to choose from. If you have particular requirements, this aspect will be relevant. See if the store gives you the liberty of choosing your own custom rubber stamp design, and only then proceed to place an order.


If you are ordering an entire set of stamps, you are probably looking for an affordable option. Although you should remember that price can influence quality, you will manage to come cross some amazing deals, if you search for the right company. Discuss about price, and see if you will benefit from a better offer if you place a larger order. And make sure to compare prices from various vendors.

Shipping and delivery policies

Last but not least, you need to find out if the package will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. If you are ordering online, you probably do not want to wait too long until your rubber stamps arrive, so checking the company’s shipping and delivery policy is a must. Find out their delivery method, how long it usually takes and how much you need to pay for shipping. Informing yourself about these aspects in advance will save you from a potential inconvenience.
If you want to spend your money on the best rubber stamps available on the market, make sure to keep these few important tips in mind. Although there might be many businesses that give you the chance to order the amount of rubber stamps you need, not all of them provide the same level of quality and promptitude, so you should make your choice wisely. While looking for options on the internet, take these few relevant aspects into account.

Comparing and contrasting bug zappers – which one is the best?


The bug zapper is a device that has become increasingly popular in the past years,e specially among a certain type of customers. For those who think about summer as the season when they can spend more time outside enjoying fresh air, this product is the ideal solution to fight the main inconvenient of this leisure activity: insects. The ultraviolet light around which the entire device is built works as a magnet, attracting bugs that fall into a trap, because as they get closer they are immediately killed through electroshocks. So, if you are thinking about how to win the battel with insects this season, then it is time to invest in a reliable electric bug zapper. However, if you have never done it before, you need to make sure you purchase the right product. To this end, we recommend you read dedicated web sites and comprehensive guides made by specialists. These consist in all the information you need in order to decive, before you buy, which device will actuactually wrk for you.

Useful tips for potential buyers

  • Read reviews. As mentioned above, before you pay for a product such as an electric insect killer, you must have at least basic knowledge. That is why we advise you to read several reviews in advance, because these will help you find out stuff from actual users, who share their opinions and experience. To make sure you use the most reliable sources, try to pick articles that contain both positive and negative aspects.
  • Think about the area you need covered. You may read about a certain product that it is not strong enough, but be careful because it may not be because of its poor performance, but rather because the buyer did not choose it coorectly. Have in mind the coverage area when purchasing, because it has a direct influence on your bug zapper’s effect. Needless to say: the larger the area, the powerful product you will need.
  • Consider design. Whether you install the product indoors or outdoors, it has to match the overall style of your space. Think about landscaping and interior design, because fortunately, there are plenty of shapes, colors and models you can choose from. Most bug zappers look like lamps, so they can be considered a pretty decorative element.
  • Do not forget about consumption. Another priority for you should be the energy consumed by the device. Avoid those that are likely to increase your bills and pick one that is sun powered, if possible.

The two main types of electric bug zappers

When searching for a bug zapper, you must have a clear idea about what you want and need. Basically, there are two main types of devices: some of them have been created for outdoors (garden, back yard, pool area etc), wereas other have been deigned to fit a closed room. Keep in mind that exterior products are stronger, so do not place them near windows, not to mention inside the house. Respect this rule if you care about your family’s security!

Basic supplies you need to start a home-based business

The best business is the one that you start on your own. Growing your company out of the comfort of your home has the advantage of less commute time and deduction on income taxes. If you starting a home-based business chances are that you are on a limited budget. Still, you will need to have some operating supplies. Having your office space equipped with the necessary supplies is important. So, what do you need? If you have decided to turn your passion into a career, this is what you will be needing.

Essential office items

When you think about office essentials, the first thing that comes to mind is desks and chairs. You already have a desk, so you will only need to look into a more comfortable chair. Is that all? In fact, it is not. A business essential that is commonly overlooked is the corporate stamp. You may have been tempted to check offers, but not gotten to it. No one thinks that stamps are essential to the functioning of a business, but they are. They help mark reports, monitor paperwork, encourage customers to contact you, and increase productivity. There is no reason why you should not have a rubber stamp.  

Office equipment

It is needless to say that you cannot run a business without a computer. If your desktop computer is not very advanced, consider investing in a laptop variant. They are generally better performing. You can use the computer for work and for communication. If you will buy a new computer, buy backup software too. Such software helps you protect your business data and it make it simple to recover it.  Having a telephone system in place is equally important. Why? Because it allows people to contact you. Not everyone is comfortable with using technology. There are many people who still prefer to contact businesses via telephone.

Internet service provider

A high-end computer is useless if you do not have a good internet connection. What you need to keep in mind is that the internet service is the most powerful tool you have. If you do not have a good internet connection you will not be able to promote your home-based business, make video calls or do market research. Make sure that you choose the best internet service provider.

Professional marketing materials

You have many chances to impress clients. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to market yourself online. You need marketing materials. They are not an expense, but an investment. What you need is professional-looking business cards, a website, and branded envelopes. You do not need them today. You needed these marketing materials yesterday.

As you can see, you do not need a lot to get your business going. Growing a company out of the home is a popular choice and for good reasons too. You are more productive, you do not have to worry about commuting, and, most importantly, you can save a great deal of money. If you are serious about starting a home-based business, make sure to equip yourself with the abovementioned supplies.