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Let’s face it, having a pool at home is awesome and fun until you have to clean it and nobody likes to skim or scrub the pool to get the dirt out. If your pool is inground, you will have to skim and scrub it while bending or you will have to invest in an expensive pump, which is not a good idea. Instead of cleaning the pool manually, you can resort to the help of automatic cleaners that get the job done faster and without any effort from you. Sit back and enjoy a cold cocktail as these top automatic cleaners will take care of your inground pool.

Polaris 9350 Robotic Pool Cleaner

When you look for a great automatic pool cleaner, make sure you check out this model from Polaris because it will make your best choice. It’s a 4-wheel drive model with a powerful suction power of 4,200 GPH. We stumbled upon this Polaris 9350 review, writen by the pros from, and it turns out that not only does the Polaris 9350 have a great suction power, but it also has a big debris canister that can collect up to four times more debris than competitive models. Even the debris in tight corners and under the stairs will be spotted and absorbed by this powerful unit that uses a rear water propulsion and comes with a 7-day programmable timer, a remote control, and a convenient carry caddy.

Aquabot ABREEZ2 X-Large Breeze Robotic Pool Cleaner

This unit is designed for inground pools but it also works in above ground pools due to the 50-feet long EZ swivel cable that always stays out of the way. The cleaner features agitating brushes that spin in order to scrub debris from pool surface while the powerful suction pump collects it in the large debris baskets that are very easy to empty. This way, you will never get into contact with the dirt from the pool as this robotic pool cleaner does all the hard work for you. The Aquabot can clean backward and forward and it can even climb inclined walls so the entire pool will be cleaned.

Solar Breeze Robotic Pool Skimmer

If you only need to skim the pool, you must know that you can also find an automatic pool skimmer that will take away the hassle in collecting the debris at the surface of the pool. The Solar Breeze pool skimmer is an excellent device that uses solar electricity from to the solar panel it has on top. This is quite an innovating device that will change the way you skim your home pool. You will be amazed by how effective it is without using electricity and it will successfully replace the manual skimmer that is tiresome and takes more time.