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One of the best thing that a couple can do is to watch a romantic movie together from once in a while. This is not only a nice way to spend an evening after a long day of work but is also something that will strengthen the relationship. Therefore, make sure that you apply this advice as well. For some inspiration, here is a short list with some of the best movies for couples to watch together.

The notebook

We begin our list with the wonderful movie called ”The notebook”. It is about a beautiful love story between two young people who want to be together but life seems to prepare them some surprises. Love is represented as something that lasts in time, no matter the obstacles that lovers encounter. ”The notebook” is without a doubt a movie that you and your partner will enjoy, and it will certainly remain in your hearts.

Sweet November

If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, then you will definitely like ”Sweet November”. A love story that doesn’t have a happy ending, but most likely it will offer you a new vision of life without a doubt. It is an old movie but still a very popular one. Therefore, make sure that you and your partner will not miss it.

A walk to remember

A walk to remember is certainly one of the best movies for couples to watch together. The same as the ”Sweet November”, it is extremely romantic but without a happy ending. However, it is worth being watched. Therefore, choose an evening for relaxation and for watching ”A walk to remember” with your husband or your boyfriend. Due to the fact that it is an old movie, you will probably have to watch it at home.

I give it a year

”I give it a year” is a romantic comedy that will certainly be to your liking. It is a funny story about two people who think they have found the love of their life, but they haven’t actually. The life has for them other surprises, that will lead them to the true love and happiness. Lots of things will happen during the story, and this will keep you captivated without a doubt. All in all, I give it a year is a movie that must be watched by all couples. They will not only enjoy it, but they will also learn some important things about life.