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Once the summer comes, you will want to spend more time outside, on your lovely patio. However, even during the short summer night, you can quickly catch a cold due to sudden change in weather. To stay warm and feel comfortable while serving a cocktail or lemonade on your patio, make sure to invest in a high quality infrared heater. Today, we’ve put together a list of short infrared patio heater reviews, so that you can choose the best outdoor infrared heater for your patio.

TPI Corporation OCH46-120V

The TPI Corporation OCH46-120V is an infrared heater that comes with a frosted quartz infrared tube that is very useful, in the sense that it provides even distribution of radiant heat, which is exactly what you are wishing to get from a high quality infrared heater. The stainless steel case is resistant to corrosion, while the gold anodized aluminum exterior of the reflector helps provide radiant energy in the patio in an efficient manner. Furthermore, the TPI Corporation OCH46-120V infrared heater can be used with temperature controls(sold separately) for more convenience.

Solar Comfort 1500 Watt 6 series Infrared Heater

A good quality infrared heater like the Solar Comfort 1500 Watt 6 series can provide the perfect amount of heat to keep you warm when spending hours on your patio. This particular models comes with 3 phases: high, medium and low heat so you can adjust it to your preference. Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable wall mount bracket so you don’t need to buy one separately.

Heat Storm Tradesman Outdoor Infrared Heater

Our next choice is a durable and reliable infrared heater that can withstand even harsh weather conditions, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use. The Heat Storm Tradesman Outdoor Infrared Heater is a cheaper solution to stay warm and environmental friendly as well, because it doesn’t use a combustible tank, flame and no plumbing. If you are living in a windy area, this infrared heater is exactly what you are looking for.

Bromic Tungsten Infrared Electric Patio Heater

The Bromic Tungsten Infrared Electric Patio Heater has a nice design, with a modern black ceramic coating over stainless steel. As you can probably tell by now, this particular model is made of high quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. The Bromic infrared heater uses dual frosted infrared tube heating elements to emit a dimmed glow that creates a relaxing atmosphere. This model is perfect for outdoor use and the best part about is that it’s very easy to install and use.