After installing an expensive boiler, you must make sure you have an annual maintenance checklist, to make sure it is cared for properly and safe to use. Because of this reason, boiler maintenance services are a necessity. Some companies specialised in boiler repair in London advise us what we should pay attention to.

1. Make sure you choose an authorised boiler engineer

Generally, gas installations have to be cared for in a particular way. You can expect certain safety issues, otherwise. Because of this reason, you have to look for an experienced, and most importantly an authorised boiler engineer. Generally, you should search for companies with a great experience in the field. This is a great indicator of quality services. A company surviving in a highly competitive environment for a long time is for sure an authority in the field. Work with them and most likely you will benefit from flawless boiler maintenance services.

2. Search for a company that works clean

Generally, maintenance engineers, regardless of the field they work in, have a habit of leaving a mess behind. However, there are certain companies that make sure their clients won’t have such issues after collaborating with them. Carpet covers, dust cleaners, and other similar items, are things you should ask for before sealing a deal.

3. Why should you service your boiler periodically?

There are a couple of reasons you should do this periodically. For instance, experts claim that regular check-ups can reduce the yearly gas fees by 10 %. Also, you must consider the carbon monoxide emissions resulted in general from poorly maintained gas installations. Take notice that they have a fatal potential and not keeping up with your boiler maintenance might endanger your and your family’s life. Another reason you should hire such services is that you could identify diverse flaws of your system at an early stage, while they are still affordable to repair.  

4. What basic boiler maintenance services should include?

If you decided over a company worth your time and money, follow closely if the engineer performs all the following steps. First, your oil burner should be cleaned. Second, the heat exchanger. Professionals generally strip it down and give it a good clean. To prevent unexpected breakdowns, they will check for possible flaws of the system, replace the filter, if necessary and after all these, they will re-assemble it.

5. What is the perfect period to have my boiler checked?

Late summer or early autumn seems to be perfect for managing this task. Because the cold season is expected to come shortly, you want to make sure you are free to use your system properly, save money while doing so and keep your family safe.

Here are some basics you should pay attention to when hiring boiler maintenance services. Make sure the company you hire meets all legal requirements, is authorised to work with gas installation, work clean and fast. These aspects are generally those who will help you discern between a mediocre company and a highly professional one.