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It is a beautiful idea to live a less cluttered life. It is attractive and can make life less complicated.  De-cluttering can translate to having fewer possessions, fewer things to clean, less debt to pay, fewer things to organize, less stress, more money to save or less energy.  Whatever the case may be, de-cluttering the home can make life more interesting and even improve your mental health.  Check below for tips on how to go about de-cluttering the home.

Give them away

There is no point in keeping certain things stored in the home, especially those things that you do not use often or do not use at all. This may not be the case with seasonal items. Giving out the things you are not using will help you to live a simpler lifestyle and also help you to live more happily than ever.  You may not know how to give things out, but you can try giving them out one item a day. You will be making others happy while also giving yourself something to be happy about.  Reducing the stuff you do not use gradually can transform your life a great deal.

Rent a storage space

Instead of giving out the items you do not use, you can as well store them away peradventure they can become useful at a later date. The best way to do this is to simply rent public storage Canoga Park if you reside around this area.  The storage faculties are of different capacity. You can rent any that fits your purpose perfectly.  Additionally, the cost of the storage facility depends on the size and the installed security features in it.

Make a list

Before you start with the de-cluttering, you may want to make a list of the rooms in the home that you want to de-clutter so that the process can run smoothly. You should de-clutter the rooms one by one, starting with the most accessible room and progressing gradually. Also, make sure the de-cluttering process fits perfectly into your plan for the day so that it will not hamper other important tasks to be completed for each day.  This way, you will not feel like the de-cluttering process has taken too much time or effort from you.


The points above would have given you an idea about how de-cluttering the home can make life a lot easier for you. You can equally complete the de-cluttering process efficiently by following the tips provided above.