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We all see the most famous celebrities looking amazing and having big bright smiles when they appear in TV shows, magazines or at the most famous events on the red carpet. We tend to think that their life is perfect because they have everything one could hope for such as money, fame, large houses in the most spectacular destinations, and the chance to take part at the most amazing events. However, fame comes with a lot of prices they need to pay. Apart from the fact that they need to sacrifice their privacy because of the paparazzi following them around waiting for the right moment to take an embarrassing photo of them, they also cannot afford to show when they are having a bad health, or going through a difficult moment in their lives because they always have to present a big smile in front of the camera and look at their best. All the stress they have to deal with and the busy lifestyle can, in time, affect their mental health leading to diseases such as depression or anxiety. 

Find a balance between work and private life

In order to deal with fame more easily without going insane, you need to make sure you draw a line between work and private life and learn how to juggle both of them without working too much time and forgetting to enjoy your personal life as well. Moreover, you need to spend quality time with your loved ones in order to have their support and love to get over difficulties in your career more easily without slipping into depression.

Take care of your mental health

Another aspect you need to be incredibly considerate about is to properly take care of your mental health. In order to not become vulnerable and overwhelmed by all the challenges you meet as a celebrity, you need to be in touch with your deepest thoughts and feelings. Being a balanced person is the best way to protect yourself from developing mental issues such as sleep disorders, depression or anxiety.

Moreover, in fact, many celebrities had found the necessary courage and have admitted  having battled drug addiction in the past because they have started using them in order to deal easier with the stress and the bad mental health. They have chosen to share their stories in order to raise awareness about the numerous negative consequences of drug abuse.