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Enjoying your pool area is the highlight of your summer. This is why you must invest time, effort and money into making it look as perfect as possible. Finding inspiration for your pool decoration scheme is not easy, especially if you have a particular vision on that space. This article will cover a few decoration items that must be included for a design that seems borrowed from a famous magazine. Include these details and the outcome will be exactly as you pictured it:


As you may already know, all pools must have fencing. This requirement is set by the law in some regions and must be respected regardless of your preferences. Choosing a fence that’s both safe and good-looking is definitely not an easy task. The online market is full of pool fences and accessories that fit all needs, so take your time to find the one that you like best. Visit Pool Guard USA – official website to analyze a variety of pool fences that will look just right in your garden. 


Tired of the traditional umbrella for creating that shady area around your pool? Worry not. Shade sails represent the trend of the year, and they help with creating that paradise setting around your pool. Comfort and ambiance combined – that’s the result you’re striving for. During a pool party or a relaxing Sunday morning, a little bit of shade will help you cool off. For a bohemian-inspired decor, shade sails are the most inspired choice.

Garden furniture

A pool without furniture around it is not enough. The decor will be completed only when you select some pieces of garden furniture to edge your pool. Blend a few chairs and a couple of tables into the decor. Make sure that the furniture items are water-resistant, and if they are not, remember to bring them inside each time the weather is not on your side.


For a fancier decor, you can invest in a pergola. Depending on how much available space you have around your pool, a pergola will not only look amazing in your backyard but will also add shading and protection for your garden furniture. A pergola will cost more, but it has many benefits that make up for its price.


You can’t place greenery right beside your pool edge, but you can multiply the greenery next to it. Since you also need to include fencing in the decor, try to add varied greenery next to it, for a more intimate outcome. Choose plants that are easy to maintain during the year.


You might have skipped this step, even though it has a great importance. Swimming at night is not possible without proper lighting, so pay attention to this detail. LEDs are the best way to highlight your pool edges. Choose your favorite color and integrate LEDs around the pool. There are lighting options that can go underwater as well, for a luxe touch.