Why is it important to teach your children the Biblical Truth?

More and more parents state that they are losing their children. If you take a look on the statistics, you will notice that more than 50% of the teenagers raised in Christian faith walk away from it when they go to college. And the church does not offer parents any help, because they do not have any programs designed to help young people understand why Christian faith is so important. However, this is only a part of the problem, the Scriptures state that the solution can be found in every person, and they only need a little help to change their path. This is why it is important parents to discipline their children. God commands you to “train up a child in the way he should go” Proverbs 22:6. You will have to teach them every day the lessons offered by the Bible. Your priority as Godly parents should be to teach your kids the biblical truth.

Children will not learn on their own

If you do not teach them, your children will not desire or love God, so your role is to teach them the Biblical truth. Yes, there are cases when people come to the Lord when they read the Bible, but these cases are very few. You should check the lessons offered by messageofchange.com which will help your little ones understand them. But God’s desire is that people come to Him and walk with Him through discipleship. God’s desire is that children become disciples. If you do not explain them the important of loving God, they will not understand it.

The people of the world are leading your children astray

The apostle Paul warned people that they can be easily deceived and if they have bad company then their good morals could be corrupted. Therefore, when your children meet their friends and other people, there are great opportunities to be influenced away from God. You have no idea what your children talk about with their friends, the majority of conversations do not glorify God. Also, you should know that at school children are taught that God is not real.

Electronic devices can lead your children astray

Kids are influenced away from God by Facebook, online videos, music, movies and all the other programs they can watch on TV or online. Musicians, entertainers and other advertisers do not shape their attitudes and values toward Christ. Therefore, you have to make sure that your children’s mind is not filled with the world’s messages, but you teach them the importance of the Bible. Also, they should be aware that salvation is not achieved by repeating the same words in a prayer daily, but they have to change their heart being and mind into the spirit of God and walking with Jesus.  Do not be deceived. Others have a great influence on the behavior and thinking of your children. The time they spend in the church is not enough to help them learn and walk in the truth. Those hours are not even enough to combat the influences they receive at the school and through their devices. So you have to teach them that Jesus is real and to love and walk with Him.  

Inflatable hot tub buying guidelines


Have you always wanted to have a hot tub in your back yard, but the investment seemed a bit too inaccessible for your financial situation? Well, you should know that you have an extremely more affordable alternative you can opt for and that is an inflatable model. When browsing the web for inflatable hot tubs, you will discover an impressive selection of offers, but what you should keep in mind is that not all options make a great purchase. To spend your money wisely, and to benefit from the best home-sauna, try to follow these few buying guidelines:


The first thing you should think about is the size of the tub. In order to select a suitable option, consider your particular needs and preferences. How many people will be using the hot tub? Where do you want to place it? How much available space do you have? You should go for a model that is neither too big for the place you will install it, occupying all the space, nor too small for your needs. The brand Lay-Z-spas for example, stands at your disposal with several dimension options, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for, and you can see the range here.

Ease of installation

Although you might not have thought about this particular detail from the start, ease of installation should be a selection factor you take into account. Because this is an inflatable hot tub, and not the classic version, you will probably want to install and uninstall it several times, instead of permanently keeping it set up. Therefore, to make things as easy for you as possible, read the product description, and get some insights on the installation requirements of the particular model you are interested in. Opting for a hot tub that involves a complex installation process will only make you not use it as often as you would want to

Don’t forget about accessories

Regardless of how great the hot tub you decide on actually is, in order to benefit from a complete sauna experience, you will need to acquire a few accessories as well. Usually, the tub brands will put at your disposal various others items that will contribute to the convenience and practicality of their hot tubes. Items such as drink holders, filter cartridges, spa pillows or floating lights will give you the chance to enjoy your new back yard addition to the fullest, and they are also reasonably priced. So make sure to think about accessories as well.

Buy from the right online store

Because you are probably making this purchase online, being the most convenient and versatile option you have, it is important to make sure you are buying from the right store. Regardless of what hot tub size you want or what further accessories you need, you probably want to benefit from quality, speedy shipping and reliability, and this means selecting your supplier with care. Before placing an order, research the online shop’s reliability, check their shipping and return policies and quality guarantee.

Setting up your own private spa right in the comfort of your backyard does not have to cost you a fortune. With the inflatable hot tub alternative, you can have a private and comfortable corner of relaxation without exceeding your budget. However, due to the extensive variety of purchase options available on today’s market, following a few buying guidelines will be necessary.

Items that will give your lounge area a chic and practical touch


Because the living room is the place where you probably spend most time, and the room where you greet all of your guests, making sure it looks its best, and is extremely comfortable is necessary. If this area no longer suits your personal taste, and has started to lose its convenience, perhaps adding a few new elements here and there could be useful. There are a few elements that can make quite an impressive difference when placed in your lounge area, adding both chicness and practicality to the space;

Chair swing

Classic armchairs are no longer in, when it comes to modern lounge areas, being replaced with a more attention-drawing alternative – chair swings. This type of furniture item can become the centre of attention for any living room. Besides having a unique, and appealing design, which will contribute to the style of the space, an easy swing is also extremely comfortable, making it the perfect sitting place to relax after a hard day at work. Take a look at what the market offers, choose a chair swing model you like best, and you will certainly not regret buying this element.


Besides the usual furniture items you find in a lounge area, such as a sofa, coffee table, or several quality chairs, one element that you might neglect is a bookcase. This item can be used for storage purposes, as well as a display, for pottery, family pictures and so on. You don’t need to fill the entire bookcase with books necessarily, you can use a few of the shelves for other purposes as well.


The lighting system you choose for your living room is important not only for functionality reasons, but for its visual effect as well. A floor or a table lamp placed besides the sofa will give the space the perfect decorative touch, and it will also create a pleasant ambiance. 

Accent pillows

If you cannot afford buying a new sofa, one way you can change the appeal of a dull couch is by adding several accent pillows. These type of décor elements might not seem like a necessity, but they will certainly beautify your sofa, and the rest of the interior design as well, not to mention how affordable they are. Without even thinking about money, you can purchase some chic cushions in the colour tones and prints you like best and you will certainly love the vibe they will create.

These are probably the most important element to include in your living room, in order to increase the area’s appeal and practicality. From a high quality swing chair, to a table or floor lamp, all of these items will certainly change for the better how your lounge area décor looks like, and it will also add more convenience to the space. If you have been thinking about refreshing this part of your house, you will certainly meet your goal if you decide to incorporate these items into your living room.

Tips for a romantic dinner – At home


Eating out has become a habit for many. This is why a romantic dinner at home may have more significance than a night out with your spouse. Also, cooking you the amazing courses will certainly increase the night’s value. Home-cooked food certainly has something special to say. Below we have some smart tips on how to organize the best romantic dinner at home.

1. Pick the menu

The manu consists also of drinks, not only of the food courses. This is why you should pay great attention when choosing it. Asian food seems to be just perfect when it comes to a romantic dinner. Make sure to pick a reliable Asian grocery store, if you want to have the freshest and most veritable ingredients at the table. Asian food depends greatly on the quality of the ingredients used. So make sure to search for a reliable store, able to deliver fresh ingredients in the highest quality possible. Popular in the past few years, have become online stores, where clients can order a variety of ingredients, from living Canadian lobsters, to some of the most exotic spices. Research this option and see if you can find a similar store. Also, when planning the menu, it is important to keep everything on the same page. For instance, if you choose to cook Asian food, make sure to order some Asian beverages as well. Sake is one great option you could include in your many for the romantic dinner. If you want, you will certainly find some cocktail recipes in which you could include the amazing spirit.

2. Decide the location

Take your romantic dinner out of the kitchen and the living room. Pick a place where you wouldn’t usually eat, like your patio. This is a great way to diversify the things a little. And this may be just as important as picking a reliable online food store, such as Asian Foodie. It’s better to take the dinner out of the kitchen, because oftentimes, cleaning the space after cooking a three-meal and dessert dinner becomes a bit tricky. Opt for a place that doesn’t make all the mess visible during your romantic dinner.

3. Take out the fancy dinnerware

You can surely eat out of paper plates, but with a romantic dinner, things may become a little fancy and you want to keep up with the food. Fancy food cannot be served out of paper plates, after all.

4. Décor matters

Set the mood with some candles. Opt for unscented ones, since they can alter the great smell of the amazing courses you prepared. Do not exaggerate with those. You want to be able to see your significant other from across the table, despite the décor elements you arranged.

These are some smart tips you could follow if you want to organise a romantic dinner at home. Don’t forget about the fresh ingredients and your nicest outfit for this occasion. Just because it is at home, this does not mean that you’ll be allowed to wear sweatpants!

Remodeling your bathroom and kitchen – estimate the costs


If you have the possibility of remodeling your bathroom and your kitchen at the same time, then you are probably thrilled. Due to certain financial restrictions and the lack of time, many people have to choose between these two options and some of them simply give up to the whole plan or postpone it. Although you do not have these types of concerns, you should still pay attention to the costs because this process requires not only time, inspiration and good taste, but also a high financial investment. Because of this, you have to establish a reasonable budget and try as much as you can to avoid exceeding the limit. After taking care of this aspect, you have to start exploring various bathroom and kitchen showrooms in Rotherham and draw inspiration from the multitude of ideas on the Internet. Remember, keeping a simple aspect will save you from making huge fails and mistakes that you could regret in the future.

The kitchen

A kitchen remodel can take up to one or two months, in the best-case scenario. You probably already realized that remodeling the kitchen would result more expensive and difficult than remodeling the bathroom. Moreover, many real estate experts confirm that the kitchen is an essential space when searching a house. The reason behind this statement is that you have to purchase new appliances, replace certain parts of the furniture, disposal, sink, outlets, flooring and lightning. When it comes to the appliances and furniture, you cannot make compromises because you need high quality products that will last over the years and offer perfect functionality.  Interiors Sheffield can offer you the type of products you are looking for and ensure their installation at convenient prices. Kitchens are usually more spacious than bathrooms meaning that in terms of flooring, you will have to invest more money. However, because kitchens do not present moisture, at least not as much as the bathrooms, you can get by with a cheaper material.

The bathroom

If you left the bathroom at the end, you probably have a tight budget now but you should not worry. As we mentioned above, a bathroom remodel is not as expensive as a kitchen remodel so you should not be surprised if you would transform that space by using only the half of the budget used for the kitchen. Therefore, establish a concept and initiate the process. After all, the only things you could replace in your bathroom are the floor, the tub or the shower, cabinets and purchase several accessories like a mirror and towel holders. You may have to need some electrical or plumbing work and carefully choose the type of floor you wish to put in your bathroom while taking into account that a lot of water adds up every day. After the kitchen, bathroom represents the second most important space that deserves full attention so you could personally contribute to the remodeling and add captivating elements like a vase with flowers or even a painting with light colors.


What manufacturers do not tell you about fitness trackers?


In modern times, people are simply obsessed with the pedometer in their smartphone. They consider that it is funny to carry it around and see how many steps they make when they carry the laundry, grocery shopping or exercise. So what is your aim, when it comes to the number of steps you want to take daily? If you want to be active, then you should know that it is advisable to invest in a fitness tracker, because it will offer you a more accurate image on the number of steps you take.  Also, it will push you go the extra mile, so you should not ignore the idea of getting one. In case you already have one, and it does not fit your wrist, or you feel the band uncomfortable, then you should take a look at the models of bands offered by Mobile Mob, because it will make the experience of wearing them more pleasant.

How do fitness trackers measure the calories you burn?

It is quite difficult to try to measure the calories you burn, and you will find amazing to buy a device that will do it for you. The majority of fitness trackers available on the market use heart rate and acceleration sensors to calculate the used up calories. However, you should know from the beginning that the results are not perfectly accurate, because every person is biologically different and they also work out differently.  

How do fitness trackers measure your heart rate?

If you will read the reviews, you will see that they are great at sensing your heart rate. There are different sensors used to perform this task. There is an optical heart rate tracking sensor the device can use to measure your heart rate. Some of the brands of the market use them, because they state the heart rate according to the amount of light reflected. Also, there are fitness trackers that use bio impedance sensors to track your heart rate. Some brands prefer to use this type of sensors because they will notice the changes in your resting heart rate. These sensors will offer you an idea on your cardiovascular health.

What are the main issues you will have to deal when using one?

Depending on the number of features you want the device to have, you have to be willing to spend a certain sum of money to buy the fitness tracker and the accessories it needs. Also, you will have to make sure that you wear it daily. It is important to recharge it, and in case you know that you forget to do it, you can purchase different bands to interchange them. Sometimes the cheap devices have issues in accurately tracking the data they receive, and this is why it is advisable to check for reviews before deciding to buy a certain model. Check different models before you buy one, because some of them have issues in presenting the data in a user-friendly way, and this means that they will not effectively motivate you to use them. The purpose of wearing the fitness tracker is to help you improve your active life.

The hidden benefits of decorating your walls with map art prints

Unless you are a fan of the minimalist trend, you may find blank walls quite disturbing, especially when it comes to your house. Decorating them can change the entire aspect of the room, yet you have to know what decorating items to choose in order to ensure you obtain the desired effects. One great way to decorate the walls of your room is to hang some map art prints such as the ones designed by Kristjana S Williams, not to mention about the hidden benefits that these “maps” come with. Here are some examples.

Unique decoration and art

Hanging art prints showing the world map on your blank walls is a unique way to turn a boring room into a more creative and pleasant one, especially if you choose original art prints from renowned artists. Depending on the decorating style you adopted for your room, you opt for an antique representation of the map of the world or for a modern one. Regardless of your choice, just ensure the art print and the furniture mingle together perfectly.

A learning resource

If you have children and you want them to learn more about the world they live in, decorating the walls of their room with some world map art prints can be extremely helpful. It is important for them to have a clear idea on how big the world is and how small the country they live in is compared to other countries for instance. There’s nothing wrong in gaining geographical knowledge from a young age, but on the contrary – this will help them a lot when they will go to school and have the first Geography class.

A great reference guide

Hanging a map art print in the living room or whatever room that also has a TV can be a good idea too. Whenever there is news on the TV about a specific country, many people’s first instinct is to look on the Internet to see exactly where that country is located, especially when it comes to small ones. Well, you will be saving a great deal of time if you have a map art print hung on the wall and check it whenever it is necessary. Use the art print as a reference guide as well.

All things considered, these are some of the hidden benefits that come with hanging an art print representing the map of the world on your house’s walls. Besides the fact that it provides the room a unique and elegant aspect, a map art print can be quite helpful for both children and grown-ups.

If you are interested in buying some art prints to decorate your walls at home, you should consider resorting to original prints designed by professional and renowned artists such as Delphine LeBourgeois. All you have to do is some research on the Internet in order to find a reliable, professional and reputed art prints provider. Choose the art prints that best match your needs and suit within your budget.

Simple mistakes that can compromise your house sale


House selling is a complicated process that has both upsides and downsides. There are many important elements that need to be considered in order to obtain the desired results fast and easy. Everyone today is looking for selling their house as quick and effortlessly as possible, but during this process, many people are prone to make some simple, yet essential mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes according to professional real estate brokers, such as those from Fast Florida House Sale.

Overvaluing your home

One of the biggest mistakes that many house sellers tend to make is to think that the value of their house is much higher than its true valuation. Obviously, every home owner invests a lot in its own property and when the selling time comes, they tend to believe they can obtain out of the sale process the same amount of money they invested in the house. The truth is competition is extremely high in this market and finding someone who is willing to buy your house fast and easy is quite complicated, especially if you list your house for a much higher price. It is recommended you resort to professional help and have some specialists to evaluate your house in order to list the house for a realistic price and increase your sale chances.

Not cleaning the house before selling it

There have been many complaints from behalf of house buyers over the years, yet one of the most popular ones is related to buying messy houses. Not cleaning your house after you have moved out and before you sell it can have a huge negative impact on your sale process, in the sense that it can lower your chances for success. Once you leave your house vacant, make sure you spend one or two days more there in order to leave the house as clean as possible. You can even hire some professional cleaning service to have things done even quicker. Your potential buyer will definitely appreciate this.

Marketing done the wrong way

One of the reasons why many house sellers don’t manage to actually sell their houses is because they do not give due importance to properly marketing their properties. It is the era of the Internet and everything happens at high speed. The World Wide Web is the fastest method to spread out the news about a house sale, so take advantage of it when it comes to marketing your sale. Create a catchy and interesting house sale ad, choose a reliable and professional classified ads online platform, pick the right time to market your house and wait for potential buyers to contact you. In case you find this process too complicated for you, there is always a better alternative – to hire some professional real estate brokers to handle your house sale. They know the market and have the perfect strategy that they will adapt according to your needs and interests. You will have your house sold in the shortest time possible.


Second hand vs. brand new family car?

If you and your family have been thinking about buying a new family car, one of the first things you will have to decide on is whether to buy it new or used. Although new vehicles come with warranty and perhaps more advanced technological features, used ones can actually make a more wise purchase, from a financial point of view. Regardless of the model you are interested in, whether is s the new 2017 Genesis g80 or any other option, here is why you should think about buying it used.


The first and most obvious reason why second hand cars will always remain a popular option for buyers is affordability. You might already have a personal car you drive to work, and just need a larger model as a family vehicle – so why spend a fortune on one, when you can save even half the amount and get the same car version? The initial price of used vehicle is far more affordable, and can fit within the budget of many more people.

Price depreciation

When buying a car brand new, its price will drop as soon as you leave the dealership. Due to price depreciation, purchasing nee vehicles is not exactly a wise thing to do. Perhaps after only a year of using it, you and your family conclude that the car does no longer meet your needs, and you might want to replace it with another model. In this situation, you will see how incredibly less money you will be able to get for it. With second hand alternatives, if you decide to sell, the price difference will not be that significant.

Insurance rates

If you do a bit of research, you will find out the insurance for older cars is a bit more affordable than for brand new ones. With a bit of pre purchase documentation, you can choose a family car that comes with incredibly cheap insurance costs – which can only be a plus.
Although both options come with their own pros and cons, if your budget is rather limited, you can opt for a second hand alternative without worries, as long as you are properly informed on the topic. Perhaps now, after understanding all the perks of buying a used car, you will give this option more of your thought, and save yourself a large amount of money – just to make your purchase from a reliable car dealer.

Comparing and contrasting bug zappers – which one is the best?


The bug zapper is a device that has become increasingly popular in the past years,e specially among a certain type of customers. For those who think about summer as the season when they can spend more time outside enjoying fresh air, this product is the ideal solution to fight the main inconvenient of this leisure activity: insects. The ultraviolet light around which the entire device is built works as a magnet, attracting bugs that fall into a trap, because as they get closer they are immediately killed through electroshocks. So, if you are thinking about how to win the battel with insects this season, then it is time to invest in a reliable electric bug zapper. However, if you have never done it before, you need to make sure you purchase the right product. To this end, we recommend you read dedicated web sites and comprehensive guides made by specialists. These consist in all the information you need in order to decive, before you buy, which device will actuactually wrk for you.

Useful tips for potential buyers

  • Read reviews. As mentioned above, before you pay for a product such as an electric insect killer, you must have at least basic knowledge. That is why we advise you to read several reviews in advance, because these will help you find out stuff from actual users, who share their opinions and experience. To make sure you use the most reliable sources, try to pick articles that contain both positive and negative aspects.
  • Think about the area you need covered. You may read about a certain product that it is not strong enough, but be careful because it may not be because of its poor performance, but rather because the buyer did not choose it coorectly. Have in mind the coverage area when purchasing, because it has a direct influence on your bug zapper’s effect. Needless to say: the larger the area, the powerful product you will need.
  • Consider design. Whether you install the product indoors or outdoors, it has to match the overall style of your space. Think about landscaping and interior design, because fortunately, there are plenty of shapes, colors and models you can choose from. Most bug zappers look like lamps, so they can be considered a pretty decorative element.
  • Do not forget about consumption. Another priority for you should be the energy consumed by the device. Avoid those that are likely to increase your bills and pick one that is sun powered, if possible.

The two main types of electric bug zappers

When searching for a bug zapper, you must have a clear idea about what you want and need. Basically, there are two main types of devices: some of them have been created for outdoors (garden, back yard, pool area etc), wereas other have been deigned to fit a closed room. Keep in mind that exterior products are stronger, so do not place them near windows, not to mention inside the house. Respect this rule if you care about your family’s security!