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The time spent at work does not guarantee your unconditional improved productivity and maximum efficiency for the company. Being productive means being able to accomplish more tasks with a considerable impact in a short period of time, so that you can handle your day from start to finish in an efficient manner. Here are some tips for being more productive at work.

Learn to focus

Figure out which are the things that motivate you, what are your career goals and take some time to think about how you can reach them. Once you have clarified these things in your mind, all you have to do is focus every day to take them to completion, even with small steps.

Focus on the important things

The most important step that you must take before starting the work day is forgetting about all the frivolous matters and draw up a list of things to be done that day. Rate each task according to their importance, value and impact they have in the final results. The least important things can be removed from the list or postponed for another time.

Make sure you take strategic breaks

Productivity does not require robotic work without taking a break, on the contrary, this type of work can actually affect productivity. The headache that occurs after several hours of hard work is a clear sign that you need a break. Your brain has consumed all the glucose needed for functioning in optimal conditions, so you most definitely need a break. Take a walk outside and go to eat or just meditate for a couple of minutes. You will come back feeling refreshed and ready to start over.

Get rid of things that distract you

Whether it’s music you listen to while you work or you have a computer that crashes constantly, phone calls, alerts, e-mail, various websites, there’s always something that will distract you from your work. Your best solution would be to analyze your daily activities and try to get rid of all these elements that distract you, turn off phones when you have something important to do, close socializing websites and listen to music that relaxes you. After a while, people will get used to your desire to not be contacted during certain hours.

Use smart gadgets to help you stay more productive

Instead of using headphones to listen to music or use a tablet to play game, consider using the supplied smartphone to read your few emails or write down some ideas related to work. In this way, the time wasted with these kind of things can be used to increase your productivity. You can also use your smartphone to pay bills online or ask for an advice, but make sure you use it only for work.