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Autumn is one of people’s favorite season, because it delights their eyes with the warm colors it paints the nature. Also, when autumn comes, people have the misconception that they do not have to care their lawn anymore, they finally have the possibility to take a break, and replace this activity with something else. However, autumn with its occasional rainfall and cool temperatures is the perfect season to prepare your lawn for the next spring. Many people think that lawns do not need any care in the autumn, because the grass grows slowly or it does not grows at all. If you do not have time, or simply you do not want to care it by yourself, then you can hire a company that offers lawn care Arlington TX. During this season it is in full process of absorbing nutrients, moisture and energy, because it prepares itself for the dormant winter. So you should give it all the attention it needs and in the spring you will be happy to see that you have a lush and healthy lawn in the front of your house. Here are some tips you can follow to properly care it.

You should rake the leaves

People do not find any pleasure in raking the leaves, but it is essential to remove the fallen leaves as soon as possible. You should not wait until all the leaves fall from the trees and doing it then, because they will stick together, will become wet due to morning dew and rain, and you will find the process daunting. They will form an impenetrable mat and if you will not remove them, in time, they will suffocate the grass in the winter and they will facilitate the appearance of fungal diseases. If you cannot do it by yourself, you should ask a professional company to do it for you, because they will leave your lawn in the best condition for the winter.

You should fertilize it for the spring

Experts state that if you fertilize the lawn only once a year, you should do it in the autumn. Because of the cold weather, the grass will grow quite slow, but its rhizomes and roots will grow quickly, and if you fertilize it now, you offer it the needed nutrients to grow healthy and strong. If you do not know what fertilizer to use, or how to apply it, then you should hire an experienced company, because they offer these services at affordable prices.

Bald spots? Fill them in

In case you noticed that there are some bald spots in the grass, then this is the perfect moment to fix them. A quick way to do it is to buy a lawn repair mixture. But if you want the lawn to have a great shape in the spring, then you should let the experts do the job. You should hire a professional company to handle all the care required by the lawn in the autumn, and you can be sure that in the spring you will enjoy seeing it growing green and healthy.