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If you like to cook, you probably know that nothing compares to the rich flavor of fresh herbs. Dry herbs are an affordable choice in the winter, but what if you could have access to fresh herbs, all year round, without spending a lot of money. This is all possible if you start growing your own herbs indoors. Herb bushes don’t take a lot of space and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Here’s what you need to know in order to successfully grow your favorite herbs indoors.

Choose the right place for your indoor garden

A lot of people choose to create a small vertical herb garden in the kitchen. In theory, this sounds great, as it keeps the culinary herbs within reach when cooking. However, most cooking herbs require a growing environment similar to the Mediterranean climate. This means lots of light and a rather dry air. Due to all the cooking that takes place daily, the kitchen tends to be a rather humid environment, so it is not the ideal place for growing culinary herbs. Instead, we propose growing the herbs in pots, on a window sill that has access to a lot of natural light. It would be great if you chose a window sill that has a radiator underneath, as the radiator will emanate the heat that the plants need, and it will also dry the air nearby. Just make sure that the radiator is not too close to the herbs, as you don’t want to suffocate them. This applies to the Mediterranean herbs. There are also a few herbs such as parsley, dill, mint, chives and lemon balm, which prefer cooler and shadier conditions.

Do you need artificial grow lights?

As we already mentioned, it is important to know the growing conditions for each herb, as they can have different requirements. This is why it is better to place them in different window sills, as opposed to growing them all in the same place. They don’t all need the same growing environment. As for the herbs that need a lot of light, you should buy a LED lamp. LED grow lights are the best types of artificial grow lights. They come in different sizes, so you can easily find a small lamp to place in a window sill. Moreover, they don’t emit heat and they don’t consume a lot of energy. You should look for a LED lamp with a blue light, as this type of light is ideal for vegetative leaf growth. On the market, you will also find red LED grow lights, but these lights are ideal for flowering, and you don’t really need your herbs to flower.