There are many things that people avoid investing in when it comes to their wedding reception and afterwards regret. For example, a professional videographer, and even a photo booth are some of those things. But why photo booths are great for weddings? Or why shouldn’t you forget to have an open bar? These all you will find in the paragraphs below. And a little more, because you don’t want to forget something important on the way.

1. A photo booth to replace Instagram selfies!

In the Instagram and Facebook age, selfies became a regular part of any kind of event. And your wedding shouldn’t be an exception. Instead of having all your guests taking selfies at your wedding, a great option is to hire a photo booth and have even more fun! Of course, having a professional photographer is important, but even those experts advise hiring such great additions. Also, they are a great way to entertain your guests without your permanent presence. They can go ahead and take all the fun shots they want, in the funniest instances. Also, the photos took in this way can be kept as a wedding favor, and what a great wedding favor would that be! Also, at client’s request, many companies hiring such equipment for weddings offer video services included. This way you and all your guests will have a great memento of your special event, and the guests can also send their love to the new couple!

2. All weddings this year should have an open bar!

Open bars are highly appreciated amongst guests. Many fear that having an open bar might be quite pricey. But if you find a great wedding planner, they have all the necessary contacts to assure for their clients the best supplies, the best products at the most affordable prices. Alternatively, many couples choose buying the alcoholic beverages themselves and then hiring a professional bartender to mix and prepare those great cocktails for the guests.

3. Professional makeup and hairdressing services

You might think that hiring professional makeup and hair dressing services for your reception is an unnecessary expense. However, although you might have quite some skills, you most likely lack the professional products needed for a lasting makeup and hairstyle. Makeup artists invest a lot in their products so they can offer the best services for their clients, and if you take into account that you must maintain a flawless look for a couple of solid hours, spending a little extra on them is so worth it. After all, you don’t want to end up having raccoon eyes because your makeup didn’t make it throughout the night!

4. Hire video recording services for proper memories!

No, your cousin is not what you want for your wedding reception in terms of videographer services. Although they might have an expensive camera, they most certainly lack the necessary skill to take a great footage of your special day. Don’t be cheap and consider a professional videographer for your wedding reception!