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Football seems to have unexpected benefits on those practising it, even at a moderate level. From weight loss, to improved mental state, they are all bringing great improvements in people lives. Advisable would be to include this sport in your children’s weekly schedule as well, and get them involved in small competitions like the London 5 aside competitions. This way, you can be sure that in the future your children will have fewer chances to develop physical or mental issues since football improves all coordinates of one’s life. However, below are some unexpected benefits of playing football on a regular basis.

Improves the cardiorespiratory system

When getting involved in such sports, you put much pressure on your cardiorespiratory system, a good pressure, which results in an improved overall system. The alternation between intervals of low-intensity and high-intensity movements are able to furthermore improve these systems and make them able to resist to higher pressure and function flawlessly. As we all know a resilient cardiorespiratory system is able to guarantee a longer and healthier life with fewer chances of cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

Promotes a healthy body weight

If your main goal is to reduce your bodyweight without drastic diets, than football is the sport you are searching for. Given the fact that it mixes high and low intensity movements, it helps losing way in a more efficient manner than aerobic does. The only rule is to get involved in the game truly, so you will properly sense the movements.

Improves muscle endurance

Football is perfect if you want to increase your endurance in an efficient fashion. It works every muscle in your body which will make you more likely to improve your ability to perform high intensity movements for prolonged intervals. Also, because you will be able to resist more in the field and participate actively in the game, you are more likely to burn even more calories.

Increased mental well-being

Football brings not only physical benefits, but also psychological ones. When exercising, our bodies release those feel-good hormones and this makes us feel happier, have a good mood and become more pleased with our lives. Given the fact they generally football games take place outdoors, this contributes even more to improve your mental health.

These are some of the most unexpected benefits that playing football has on the human body.