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Many people consider quilted garments as the most beautiful ones, and they want to use these items to decorate their houses or to offer them as gifts to their friends. But, when asking a tailor creating a quilted gift according to your ideas, you might discover that you have to pay more than when you were buying a gift from the local store. In this case, you should think buying a sewing machine that helps you in this hobby of yours, because with a little skill, you would be able to create the most amazing items, with minimum expenses. For being sure that you purchase the best products from the market, you should read the articles from a website like, because by reading the information found there you can decide easier which sewing machine is worth the investment.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner, then you should try this model, because it is quite popular among entry-level tailors. It is not expensive and you can benefit from many accessories and features, which would make the sewing process easier. This sewing machine comes with 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes, 60 stitches and a quilting table, suitable for your hobby. You would have no difficulties when quilting with its help, because the table is nice at touch, and you have the possibility to do even thicker quilts, because this device features a walking foot. If you are not sure about this sewing machine compare it with another one, and check the hd3000 ratings for example.

Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine

When comparing this one with the Brother CS6000i you would notice that it is listed at a higher price. This is because it has some extra features, so you would discover that it has 8 styles of 1 step buttonholes and 100 stitches. You would also be able to use an auto needle-threader when choosing this model, and a see-through open toe quilting foot, which makes the entire process easier. In this way, you keep an eye in the quilting material all the time, and you know exactly what you are doing there.

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting and Embroidery Machine

If you want to do more than just quilt with the help of you sewing machine you should invest in this model, because it is also perfect for doing the most beautiful embroideries. The features of this Brother are more advanced than of the other models, and this is the main reason you would find it listed at a higher price. Brother HC1850 has 8 styles of 1 step buttonholes, 130 stitches, an auto-needle threader and an over-seized quilting table, which is very helpful in your hobby. You would find easier to sew, embroider and quilt with this device, and you would be amazed with the results, because the garments would look exactly as the ones made by professional tailors.

Depending on your personal preferences and skills, you should compare different models and even brands, because different manufacturers provide different features. In addition, the price and your level of experience should influence you choice, so be wise and do a thorough research before placing any order.