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A little imagination goes a long way, as you might have heard before. A little imagination a proper supplies, can take you even farther. You can create decorations, toys and even upgrade your old clothes or create original jewellery with something like ribbons. However, you also need a good supplier from where to make provisions of rosette ribbon UK produced, for the numerous DIY projects awaiting for you after you discover your passion for ribbons. Below are some ideas of projects you and your children might enjoy.

Upgrade your children’s toys with ribbons

Old and torn apart toys are very likely to end up in a garbage can. However, you can give them a fresher air by using some pieces of colourful ribbons you can easily find online. Old baby toys with a few of them attached create an entire new item. Fold and attach a number of pieces of ribbons on them for creating pull-toys when your children grow up a bit. Make an old teddy bear seem new for your second child. Tie a bow at the base of the toy’s neck and you make it look as good as new. If the toy is torn apart in various places, you can attach both bows and colourful buttons to it and hide those. The more colourful they are, the more your children are going to enjoy it! Create a ribbon wand if you want to make one from scrap and let your little girl enjoy its movement and colours. You only need a plastic stick of about few inches long, ribbons in different colours and a hot glue gun. Put the items together and let her run around the house!

Create stylish ribbon decorations

Lampshades found on the market can sometimes (always) be boring and without any trace of personality. However, if you find some ribbons in stylish designs, you can easily apply those to your lampshades and entirely change their look as well as your room’s design. By only using a hot glue gun and a variety of ribbons, you can easily create such items. Measure your lampshade in height, and then cut pieces of ribbon few inches longer. On the back of the lampshade, secure them with your hot glue gun, and repeat the process. Another good idea of grownup appropriate craft is a ribbon pillowcase. Just like you did with the lampshade, measure your pillowcase, cut your ribbons with a few inches longer and secure them on the pillowcase with a hot glue gun. Alternatively, for a long lasting decorative pillowcase, you can sew the ribbons on it. However, you certainly need a sewing machine for it and some sewing skills.  

As you can see, by using simple supplies you can add more personality to your belongings and even bring a little more joy in your children’s life. In terms of styles, there are no boundaries when using ribbons. Your personal taste will dictate the pattern, colour and shape.