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Safety reversing sensors are amazing pieces of equipment that allow drivers across the world to increase their, their passengers’ and pedestrians safety. When reversing, there appear numerous blind spots, which cause the driver to be unaware about the conditions happening in certain spots. This is when safety reversing sensors come in handy. They will allow you to know if you are approaching to closely an object or person while reversing, which allows you to know that your vehicle, pets and garage door are safe at all times. However, let’s see what you should know about these sensors and how to fix potential issues that they might have.

1. You must perfectly align your safety sensors

For perfectly functioning, you must first make sure that the alignment of those two parts is perfect. Both of them are having LED light that indicate their state of functioning. The sending part will always show a LED steadily glowing, no matter the alignment or the obstructions between the two sensors. However, if the receiving sensor is unaligned, it will not function properly. To align them properly, make sure to remove the receiving LED light from the bracket. Then, point the receiving sensor in an opposite direction from the sending sensor so it is completely off. Once it turns off wait ten seconds, and then slowly align the two sensors and secure the receiving one in place.

2. Troubleshooting is just as important as alignment

Regular issues that appear with such sensors are incorrect wiring, a short in the wire or poor connection, which has as a solution adjusting the alignment. However, for bad wiring issues, make sure that you check for bad wiring between the garage door opener and sensors. If there doesn’t seem to be any kind of issues, make sure that you verify the wiring on the garage door opener. The simple white wires must be inserted in the white terminal, and white and black wire must be connected to the grey terminal. This is how a correct wiring must look like.
These are some relevant pieces of information regarding safety reversing sensors that all drivers must know. Make sure that you become handy enough to troubleshoot all the issues that might appear in terms or wiring, connection and alignment and you will have a flawlessly working piece of safety equipment.