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Noticing a change in the behavior of your loved one is surely something that you have to do research about. There are many reasons that can make your spouse change his or her behavior towards you and your relationship. However, noticing some serious signs which can lead to suspecting him or her of using drugs is something that should definitely make you worry. Thinking about the fact that your partner might be using drugs, hiding his or her addiction from you, is a frightful thought that makes you want to burst into tears knowing how horrible the consequences could be both for your loved one and for your relationship. If you find out that your spouse is a drug addict you immediately need to look for the best holistic drug rehabs where he or she can get help from specialists.

He/she tends to isolate

One of the most common signs that you can notice at a person who is using drugs s the fact that they tend to isolate from all the people around them. Knowing that their addiction is something bad which is not accepted by the society and thinking that no one can understand the fact that they are using drugs makes them try to stay away from their friends, family members, and partners because of the fear that those could notice their vice.

Behavioral changes

Drug addicts develop many changes in their behavior and way of thinking. If you are spending most of the time of the day with your spouse it can be easier to notice whether he or she has any changes in the sleeping patterns, eating disorder or changes in the hygienic habits because when someone is using drugs they start to ignore the essential self-care habits. Also, other behavioral changes can be the loss of motivation, mood swings, acting suspiciously and secretively, a new group of friends who you do not know and he or she refuses to introduce you to, and a poor job performance.

Notice their look

Apart from the fact that drug addicts stop taking care of the way they look and you can notice that they look completely different than before they start using drugs since they do not pay attention to hygiene and the way they dress, you can also notice details such as itchy and bloodshot eyes with dilated pupils and sniffling, sneezing and bloody nose. Also, you have to pay attention if there are any physical marks such as injection sites at the creases of elbows or any visible scars or cuts on the body which can be a response to the depression and anxiety felt by a drug addict trying to induce physical pain to escape the numb that the drugs give them.

Even if it is a heartbreaking process, you have to support your partner with love, patience, and understanding in the battle against drug addiction. Also, to avoid the post-traumatic stress disorder which can affect him or her after such a tough experience, you need to ask for the help of the specialists of the best holistic treatment centers in your surroundings.