The Best and Worst Electric Shavers

Are you a man who is looking for an electric shaver but do not know what model to choose? Being in such a situation can be confusing and frustrating for anyone. However, it is understandable due to the fact that a large range of models is available on the market nowadays. In order to ease your choice, have a look at some of the best and worst electric shavers that are presented in this article.

Panasonic Arc3 3-Blade

The Arc3 3-Blade is one of the top 2016 electric razors. This fantastic machine will offer all men, no matter the hair type, a very close shave. A quick and smooth shave will be delivered due to its 3-blade cutting system. With Panasonic Arc3, you will actually enjoy shaving. The unit will effortlessly cut the hair on your chin, neck and jaw. Easy to maneuver and very efficient, this machine is without a doubt one of the best electric shavers.

Braun Waterflex

This wonderful product from Braun has been designed to be used in the shower as well. According to numerous reviews, this is also one of the top 2016 electric razors. It is a brand new model which promises to offer you a very close shave without affecting your skin. With Braun Water flex you will avoid cuts and scratches even if you have a sensitive skin. You can easily use this machine in the shower, with or without foam or gel, or on the dry skin as well. No matter what option you choose, the result will be the same.

Remington F5-5800

This unit offers a close shave but not as close as other devices can offer. Remington F5-5800 is considered one of the worst electric shavers due to the fact that it provides an uneven shave. Furthermore, men with a thick hair will not obtain such great results. The pop out trimmer is very hard to use and the unit cannot be used in the shower. Therefore, if you are planning to shop for an electric shaver, do not choose this model.

Philips Norelco

Many people would choose this product due to the fact that it is affordable. It is a lot better to pay a bit more for a quality product that will not only offer you what you want, but it will also be durable. Philips Norelco offers a good shave but not spectacular and it is not recommended for those with a sensitive skin, due to the fact that its blades can affect the skin. Furthermore, it can be used only with foam or gel, in comparison with other units that do a great job without foam or gel, and on the wet or dry skin as well.