Cheap Sound Machines that Can Help You Sleep Better

Many people face problems with falling asleep every night. Unfortunately, even if they fall asleep they wake up feeling tired due to the fact that their sleep is easy to interrupt by background noises. If you are faced with these problems you definitely want an efficient and cheap method to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling rejuvenated every day. Therefore, take your time and read the following lines to find out which are the cheap sound machines that can help you sleep better.

Conair Serene Sound Therapy SU9

For the low price of $20, you can finally get a quality night’s sleep with the help of the Conair Serene Sound Therapy SU9 sound machine. It has a very simple design and it’s compact. Therefore, it’s ideal to buy if you travel often as well. The SU9 sound machine is very easy to use. It has only 3 buttons on it, the volume dial, the sound selector, and the timer. The sound machine can be set to automatically turn off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes of continuous operation. The only aspect of the SU9 that can be seen as an inconvenience is the fact that it runs solely on batteries. This means that you have to buy backups for it to make sure that you’re prepared.

Homedics SoundSpa SS-2000

Just like the sound machine that we talked before, the Homedics SoundSpa SS-2000 costs only $20. It’s a small and lightweight sound machine that is ideal for traveling. You can either power the machine with the AC adapter or with four AA batteries. It offers 6 total sleep sounds that include ocean, rain, white noise, thunder, summer night, and brook. You can set the timer of the SS-2000 sound machine to run continuously for 15, 30, or 60 minutes before shutting off automatically. The downfall of this model is the fact that it doesn’t deliver in sound quality like other pricier models do. But after all, for the price tag of $20 you have to expect for a minor inconvenience to appear.

Sound Oasis BST-100

The Sound Oasis BST-100 comes at the price of $55. While the price tag for this model is higher than the price tag of the models that we talked about before, it’s still a cheap and affordable model. What makes the BST-100 a true bargain for what it offers is the fact that it’s Bluetooth compatible. This means that you can use the sound machine to stream music from your phone or laptop with it using its Bluetooth compatibility. It’s compact in size, a fact that makes it ideal for those who travel a lot. It comes with 10 pre-loaded sleep sounds that you can choose from. In addition, you can adjust the timer of the BST-100 to automatically shut off after 5-120 minutes of continuous operation.

Sound Oasis s-650

This sound machine is reasonably priced, costing less than $65. We recently read this Sound Oasis s-650 review which convinced us that this sound machine is worth buying as this review highlights the most interesting feature of this product: a multi directional speaker that offers an improved sound quality. Moreover, this sound machine also allows you to add more sounds, as it features a memory card.