Pros and Cons of Microwave Cooking

The vast majority of people currently own a microwave oven to make life easier for them. The truth is it’s much easier to prepare or reheat a meal with a microwave oven, rather than using a traditional oven and wait for a long time until food is ready. However, as with other kitchen appliance, the microwave oven comes with some advantages and disadvantages. So if you are thinking of buying a top-rated microwave oven, you might want to do some research first about the pros and cons of microwave cooking. Find out more below.

Are the nutrients destroyed when cooking with a microwave?

If you are wondering whether microwave cooking preserves or destroys nutrients, you should know that there are mixed opinions, so it’s more difficult to answer to this question. However, it is generally accepted that some nutrients are destroyed when cooking in a microwave oven, but this can apply when cooking with heat from any cooking source, such as boiling, frying or steaming. The vitamins and nutrients are best preserved when cooking with steam because the food is exposed to heat for a small amount of time and by using a small amount of water. Some nutrients in tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables are actually increased when you cook your food.

Is plastic microwave safe?

Plastic is undoubtedly the most common choice for microwave containers, but it also happens to be the worst choice, so it’s recommended to use ceramic or glass containers instead. The chemicals transferred from the plastic containers to the food are harmful and highly carcinogenic, meaning that they are linked to reproductive health problems and cancer. It doesn’t matter if you invest in an expensive and modern microwave because you can still expose food to harmful chemicals from plastic. Avoid using plastic containers that are scratched or cracked because you can put your health at risk even more.

Limited capacity

One of the main disadvantages when cooking in a microwave oven is that you are not able to prepare meals for many people at once. Since this is a fast and effective cooking method for a single person, when cooking for a big family things may get more difficult. Even a top-rated microwave oven has a rather small capacity compared to a conventional oven, so you can’t cook a lot of food at once. Consider using the microwave oven only when you have to reheat leftovers or prepare small portions of food. You can also reheat a large portion of food, although this might take more time than usual and the food can be cold in the middle. But if you are planning to do, at least make sure that you have a high quality microwave that can heat food evenly.