Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Flat Iron?

When you are trying to decide what kind of flat iron could suit your needs, it’s easy to purchase the least expensive iron you see in the store, without thinking about the consequences. However, as with any other electronic appliance, a cheap flat iron doesn’t represent a lifetime investment. Besides, you can risk of ruining your hair if you use a cheap model regularly. In this article, you can learn why it’s so important to invest in an expensive flat iron so keep reading.

The power is the most important aspect of all

If your flat iron is not powerful enough to maintain an even level of temperature and provide an optimal amount of heat during the entire straightening process, your hair won’t remain straight and smooth during the day, so you will have to use the iron a few more times. There are many cheap flat irons that are not capable of providing an optimal amount of heat to help you get straight hair. This lack of consistency can also make your hair more frizzy than it already is.

The plates should be built of durable materials

Not all plates are built the same, but you probably know this by now. This is the case of both cheap and expensive flat irons. You can find an inexpensive flat iron that is made of ceramic, but the quality of the ceramic doesn’t compare with the quality of the ceramic featured at a pricier flat iron. Furthermore, cheaper irons have plates that are not as durable, as they are often made of a cheap material that doesn’t conduct heat very well. . However, if you analyze the Remington s9500pp review, you will see that this flat iron has decent quality plates, despite the fact that it costs less than $30. This is what we call a good value product, meaning that it delivers a decent performance for a very low price. However, it does not compare to sophisticated flat irons like the GHD platinum which has sensors in all the plates in order to deliver a consistent heat.

Professional irons can protect your hair

Professional irons are designed in a way to allow you to use the minimum amount of heat to straighten your rebel hair without actually damaging it. Instead of using a cheap flat iron that provides too much heat and damages your hair, make sure to invest more money on a flat iron that will protect your hair. For instance, you can find a high-quality flat iron that has the capability to lock moisture into the hair follicle, to ensure that your hair doesn’t get dehydrated and becomes frizzy or more prone to damage.

So how can you choose a suitable flat iron?

When it comes to choosing between a cheap and pricier flat iron, we don’t say to go with the one that is more expensive but make sure that it has all the features mentioned above to make sure you can style your hair without damaging the hair follicle. It’s less likely to find a cheap flat iron that works better than a pricier model that is as good.