5 Things to Know When Buying a Home Sauna

The symbol of wellness and relaxation, a sauna is traditionally a cabin made of wood in which the body is subjected to high temperatures. Originated from the Nordic countries, whether steam or infrared, the principle of action is simple: heat felt by the body causes intense sweating which helps to release many toxins accumulated in the body. If you are interested purchasing a sauna, here are 5 things that you must keep in mind.

You can get different sizes

Choosing your first sauna depends on its future use. The number of the sauna users affect its volume and the space required for its installation. If you are living by yourself, it’s sufficient to get a 1 person sauna and you can easily install it in the bathroom, because it doesn’t take a lot of space, as compared to a 4 person sauna which can fit 4-5 persons but occupies the most space.

Infrared or traditional?

You will then have to choose the type of energy your sauna uses. Currently two types of saunas are available: infrared sauna and steam sauna, which is more traditional. The first one called “infrared sauna” uses infrared heaters that emit radiant heat that gets absorbed by the skin. This type are considered to be the most efficient because they use the sufficient amount of heat so that you can sweat and eliminate toxins without feeling overheated.

The materials are very important

Currently on the market there are plenty of sauna models that will catch your eye, but when choosing a sauna make sure that it’s made of high quality materials, something that will last for a lifetime. For instance, saunas made of cedar or hemlock wood are considered to be the best choices because cedar and hemlock are resistant to high temperatures and mold and they don’t represent a risk for out health.

You can choose between an indoor and outdoor sauna

If you plan on installing a sauna on your porch or garden, you should consider getting a sauna that was specially designed for this purpose, and this case an outdoor sauna is obviously your best choice. Don’t make the mistake of getting a cheaper indoor sauna model, because not all indoor saunas are rot resistant.

Choose a reliable brand

With so many choices available on the market, it might be difficult to decide on a type of sauna, but when in doubt check customer reviews or look for a reliable brand that knows what the customer wants in a sauna. Simply surf the net to see what brand is more popular and read customer feedback so that you can be sure you’re making the best choice.