Luxurious Espresso Machines for True Coffee Lovers

Coffee is a delicious drink that most people like and can’t imagine their life without a cup of it in the morning, in order to feel energized. Espresso lovers must know that there are many of innovative machines on the market these days, that can offer then an incredibly tasty drink. Make yourself comfortable, and take a look at the following espresso machines for true coffee lovers.

Nuova Simonelli Musica Direct Connect

Lots of people can’t properly start their day if they do not have a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up. For a flavored, delicious and strong drink, you definitely need a quality machine that will provide you the desired result. Nuova Simonelli Musica Direct Connect is without a doubt one f the most luxurious espresso machines for true coffee lovers. It is expensive, but it does a fantastic job. Due to its gorgeous design, the machine will look absolutely splendid on your countertop. As an automatic machine, Nuova Simonelli uses volumetric brew buttons that can be programmed as you wish. Moreover, the hot water button can also be programmed for making drinks like tea or Americanos. A heat exchanger is provided so that you can steam and brew at the same time. With this wonderful machine, you will not only be able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in a short time, but you will also be delighted by the tasty lattes or cappuccinos which can easily be prepared. Easy to use, very efficient and with a wonderful design, this device will please even the most demanding consumers.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Even the most demanding consumer will be satisfied with this machine. When it comes to coffee, the freshness of it is the most important detail that will definitely make the difference. A machine that is able to prepare a drink by keeping its freshness will be to everybody’s liking. Your drink will be provided at a remarkable speed, due to the clever integrated conical burr grinder. The amount and the size of your grind can easily be chosen by you, from full loads to single shots and from fine to course. Breville BES870XL Barista Express comes with other clever features such as thermo-coil heating system, espresso pressure gauge, cleaning kit, auto-purge function, and removable drip tray. All in all, this is a product that will certainly meet you needs, and even if you will pay a bit more to get it, it will definitely be a long-term investment.