What Type of Vacuum Cleaner is More Convenient?

Unfortunately, many people can’t have a very clean home due to the fact that they work very much and they do not have enough free time for a great cleaning. With a quality vacuum cleaner, cleaning will not seem so exhausting and it will also take you less time to complete the task. Therefore, in case you are wondering what type of vacuum cleaner is more convenient, then you must read this article in order to find the right answer to your question.

Go for a versatile canister vacuum if you have only bare floors

In case your home has only bare floors, then a great choice for you would be a canister vacuum cleaner. This type of machine is perfect for cleaning hard floors and tiles, and it does this extremely easy. A unit like this usually comes with a bare-floor brush which can easily be used for cleaning tight spaces. You will also find on the market some upright models, and if you decide to get one, then you must make sure that the chosen device comes with a brush roll that can be turned off, in order to avoid scratching your floors.

A canister unit with a motorized power head attachment is perfect for carpets

If the floors in your home are covered with carpets, then you must certainly choose a canister machine that comes with a motorized power head attachment. Furthermore, if you have a large space to cover, maybe a better idea would be to choose an upright model. Some devices come with a dirt sensor which is absolutely incredible, as it will let you know if some areas in your home still need cleaning.

Choose a canister with attachments and a long hose for stairs

A smart pick for a house with stairs is a canister that has different attachments and a long hose for an efficient and easy cleaning. You could get a lightweight device for cleaning the whole house, and get another model as well, specially designed for cleaning the stairs with ease.

Opt for a unit that has an HEPA filter in case you suffer from any sort of allergies

If you or someone in your family suffers from any sort of allergies, then you should opt for a device that comes equipped with an HEPA filter which actually traps most of the dust, pollen, and pet dander, offering you not only clean floors and carpets but a clean indoor air as well.