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Since January 2015, Canada introduced a new visa process that is supposed to allow not only better responsiveness but also greater flexibility when it comes to dealing with labour applications and shortages. This program was initially called “expression of interest”, but its name was later changed into something easier to remember, “express entry” and it is a great tool that allows Canadian employers to have easier and quicker access to potential employees in order to select only the most qualified ones for the current needs on the labour market. Here are the top three most frequently asked questions about the Express Entry process.

How does this program work?

The first step one has to make in this process is to create their own Express Entry profile on an online platform, where they have to fill in detailed personal information, including education level, skills, and work experience and so on. From a pool of many other candidates, the ones that are the most qualified for the specific jobs are selected and invited to complete the application form for permanent residence. In case a candidate is chosen but they are not provided with a job offer they qualify for, they must go to the Government of Canada’s job bank and register there, so that they can come in contact with numerous other employers from Canada. The electronic application must be submitted within the following 60 days from the moment the candidate is selected.

Are there any benefits?

The answer to this question is definitely yes, there are numerous benefits that come with this process and one of the greatest of them is that it helps speeding up the application processing periods and improving the quality of candidates who are interested in working in this country, thus having direct influence on economic growth and prosperity. Anyone can apply for Express Entry and in case one is not selected for the current year, that person can apply again 12 months later.

How can I prepare for it?

In case you have decided you want to apply for the Canadian Express Entry visa, you must know that the first thing you have to do is carefully complete your CV or resume in order to ensure it is up to date and it has great references. Credential assessment is another important aspect you have to take care of. This means that you need to organize your diplomas, trade qualifications and other certificates and to check whether they have a Canadian equivalent or not, because this can actually increase your chances to get the approval. IELTS and TEF are also mandatory if you want to get your permanent residence in this country, so it is recommended you complete the tests before actually applying for visa to have a certificate that shows your proficiency in the language.

As you can see, these are top three most frequently asked questions related to the Canadian Express Entry visa. In case you believe that coping with all the papers and documents and preparing for the interview are too difficult tasks for you, you can always look for a professional consultant that can help you with this matter.