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After getting those good grades and finally flying off to college, congrats, you will be staying alone for quite some time. And while you may get the perfect Newcastle student housing by working with a reliable agency, you most certainly need to invest in some bits and pieces that will make your life as a student easier. Those things you are not completely aware of right now, but when the time comes, you will realise that some preparation would have come in handy. Below are some of those useful things, and our little extra, some advice on how to find the perfect student accommodation!

1. Find accommodation: work with a specialised agency

If you want a good place where to stay while at university, but you don’t want to fill in bankruptcy afterwards, we advise you to search the web for an agency specialised in student rentals. These establishments provide 5-star rated properties for students, at affordable prices, and flexible renting requirements. For instance, in many cases, you won’t have to make an enormous deposit, and their prices include utility bills as well. So, you won’t have to worry about a single little thing, if you pick the right agency, like the FindSpace Student Accommodation agency. Not to mention the fact that these properties are all fully equipped to accommodate students: flat-screen TVs, Internet connection and well-maintained furniture. Plus, these are all apartment smartly located near interest points for students, like Universities.

2. Bring some bedroom essentials

It may be easy to forget about a duvet, some sheets, pillows and blankets, but you will certainly need them. Bring them from your own bedroom at home, so you won’t have to spend additional amounts of money as you move to your new accommodation. Moreover, you want to make sure that you invest in some doorsteps since they make moving around the rooms of your apartment easier when on the run. Hangers are a good investment as well. And a pair of ear plugs. Life as a student may get a little noisy, especially when sharing the apartment with a fellow student.

3. Bing some bathroom essentials

Make a list and include on it everyday essentials, such as soap, shower gel, conditioner, moisturizer, face creams and lotions. Also, make sure not to forget about contraceptives, as well as a first-aid kit. Medicine is another thing you shouldn’t forget about, as you want to make sure that headache doesn’t remain untreated. Painkillers, cold and flu remedies are things to include on your list. Bring as many towels as you can, as well as a bath mat. They will save from some other money spent.

4. Kitchen essentials are equally important

You want to make sure that you bring some plates, a bowl, some kitchen utensils, things that you can easily carry in a hand luggage. These will help you prepare filling meals in a healthier fashion. You will grow tired of junk food easily.