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Fact is nobody likes late payers. However, all corporations, regardless of their size, must deal with them at some point. However, remaining in a respectful relationship with those clients is equally as important as recovering the amounts of money they own you. For those cases, a great option is using a third party, such as a London debt collection agency; have them recover your money in a tactful and amiable way. Below are some ways professionals of this kind can help you with your purpose and remain in a good relationship with your clients.

1. Always use intermediaries

Trying to recover late invoices all by yourself might leave a bad taste in your client’s mouth. Becoming directly involved in a process of this kind might make you look desperate, although you are only trying to recover what’s rightfully yours. While large corporations have specialised department for dealing with such issues, this is a luxury small enterprises cannot afford. For remaining efficient and maintaining a good relationship with your late payers, the best advice for you is hire an intermediary, a specialised company in debt collecting.

2. Tactful and amiable approaches

These agents are not only effective, they also have great negotiation skills, being able to raise the problem in the most professional and respectful manner. Mediation is what they do best, making it possible for both parties have a favourable outcome. They avoid getting in direct touch with a manager, always choosing an accounting department as a first choice. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary for agents to get in touch with a manager, dealing with your issue through their accountant. Also, make sure your agent has interpersonal skills, because an extreme approach might get you both in Court.

3. Know when it’s time to take legal action

Although most of the times agents like these are successful in their actions, sometimes, you have to become a little more incisive. This means you must take legal action and make your clients pay through a Court decision. However, these cases are rare, collecting agencies being successful most of the times.

Following these three simple rules, you can recover unpaid bills and remain in good terms with your clients at the same time. Although you have to get your money back, make sure you do it in a tactful manner.