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In modern times, people are simply obsessed with the pedometer in their smartphone. They consider that it is funny to carry it around and see how many steps they make when they carry the laundry, grocery shopping or exercise. So what is your aim, when it comes to the number of steps you want to take daily? If you want to be active, then you should know that it is advisable to invest in a fitness tracker, because it will offer you a more accurate image on the number of steps you take.  Also, it will push you go the extra mile, so you should not ignore the idea of getting one. In case you already have one, and it does not fit your wrist, or you feel the band uncomfortable, then you should take a look at the models of bands offered by Mobile Mob, because it will make the experience of wearing them more pleasant.

How do fitness trackers measure the calories you burn?

It is quite difficult to try to measure the calories you burn, and you will find amazing to buy a device that will do it for you. The majority of fitness trackers available on the market use heart rate and acceleration sensors to calculate the used up calories. However, you should know from the beginning that the results are not perfectly accurate, because every person is biologically different and they also work out differently.  

How do fitness trackers measure your heart rate?

If you will read the reviews, you will see that they are great at sensing your heart rate. There are different sensors used to perform this task. There is an optical heart rate tracking sensor the device can use to measure your heart rate. Some of the brands of the market use them, because they state the heart rate according to the amount of light reflected. Also, there are fitness trackers that use bio impedance sensors to track your heart rate. Some brands prefer to use this type of sensors because they will notice the changes in your resting heart rate. These sensors will offer you an idea on your cardiovascular health.

What are the main issues you will have to deal when using one?

Depending on the number of features you want the device to have, you have to be willing to spend a certain sum of money to buy the fitness tracker and the accessories it needs. Also, you will have to make sure that you wear it daily. It is important to recharge it, and in case you know that you forget to do it, you can purchase different bands to interchange them. Sometimes the cheap devices have issues in accurately tracking the data they receive, and this is why it is advisable to check for reviews before deciding to buy a certain model. Check different models before you buy one, because some of them have issues in presenting the data in a user-friendly way, and this means that they will not effectively motivate you to use them. The purpose of wearing the fitness tracker is to help you improve your active life.