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If you are living in an area where it’s sunny and hot all the time, it’s time to get an efficient cooling device to help you feel comfortable and cool when staying in your bedroom or living room, enjoying some free time with your family. There are many types of room coolers that can meet your needs, but if you are on a budget, you might want to limit your choices strictly to a couple of room coolers.

Use a table fan if you spend long hours at your desk

If you want to cool your office very fast without using an expensive cooling method, you can get a table fan that you can place on your desk, near the computer. Although this device is not as efficient as other types of room coolers, it’s still something that you might want to consider if you are not wiling to pay more than $100 on such a device. Table fans are light weighted and compact and some can connect to your computer via a USB cable so you can carry your room fan with you at your office.

What about air conditioners?

Nowadays, air conditioners are packed with impressive features that allow you to cool an entire room in an efficient manner. Their major disadvantage is related to the price tag, which is very high initially. Luckily, today’s air conditioners can include a thermostat build directly into the remote control so that you can easily adjust the temperature when needed and some models even feature a sleep and energy saving mode that allows the system to use less electricity than what they usually use.

Tower fans

A good quality tower fan represents the most cost efficient solution for cooling an entire room and providing a nice breeze. These systems have the power to oscillate, so your room will be cooled in an even manner. We like the Crane EE-5607 because it’s one of the best tower fans that can blend with nearly any interior decor, thanks to its attractive design. This sleek tower fan uses around 2.4 kWh in 24 hours, less than what a traditional air conditioner uses which is around 3.5 kWh in just one hour.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans represent another good alternative for providing a nice breeze in the summer. These systems use the same amount of electricity that a light bulb uses. Even though they are not as efficient as tower fans, ceiling fans can help you save almost 40% of your cooling costs when used with an air conditioner.