In the beginning of the book Eat Pray Love, a newly divorced woman named Elizabeth Gilbert embarks on a journey around the world. She does not go to India to discover the power of prayer, but to learn more about her destiny. The reason for this is that Vedic astrology has a more predictive power. Simply put, Vedic astrology is able to accurately evaluate and predict upcoming events, thus helping you make effective choices. The good news is that you do not have to go all the way to India to get information about your future. You can go see an Indian astrologer in Melbourne. Most people say that there is no difference between Western and Indian philosophy, but there is and a great one indeed. This is why smart people believe in the Vedic prophecy of the future.

What Vedic astrology is

Astrology is largely defined as the study of patterns and relationships, of planets in motion. The study of stars and planets dates back to the 2nd millennium, so you can say that it is as old as time. As surprising as it may seem, this undertaking is a scientific enterprise. An astrologer, whether Indian or Western, has to have good knowledge about the correct position of the stars and planets at the time of one’s birth to be able to reach certain conclusions and makes complex calculations. Unlike the Western system, the Vedic system concentrates on the stars to figure out one’s karma and destiny. Celestial objects remain unchanging, so astrologers focus their attention on the movement of the sun. The premise behind Vedic astrology lies in the dashas (predictive timelines based on the planetary time cycles).

The power of Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is without any doubt more foretelling than other sciences. Even though the zodiacal signs appear to be aligned with the wrong constellations, they are not in fact. The reason why the signs appear to be “wrong” is that the Vedic philosophy calculates the horoscope differently. So how is Vedic astrology better? Well, with the birth chart of the individual, the Indian astrologer is capable of making an accurate prediction of changing trends and event occurring on one’s life. The Vedic natal chart helps the astrologer understand your physical and psychological characteristics, as well as what you are expected to deal with in the future. What is more, an Indian astrologer measures the positive and the negative aspects of each issue.

Peep into your future with Vedic Astrology

The accuracy though depends entirely on the astrologer. The astromancer needs an accurate birth time, otherwise the dasha system cannot precisely show each period of fortune. What is certain is that the dashas can tell you everything you need to know, like if you are getting married anytime soon or if you will be offered a promotion. If you want an accurate prediction of the trends in your life, you should definitely see an Indian astrologer. You will have a pretty good idea of what you can expect in the future.